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Jackie, USA - Lately, the pain has become excruciating - Update - Dr. Foye did ganglion impar--great!

Adam - Update - Finally went to the right specialist

Jennifer in Orlando - Update - Anyone with fractured coccyx and sacrum experience?

Victoria - Update - Regret surgery, but what option did I have?!

Lindsey - Update - Has the operation worked?

Barry and Bel - Update - Bel's tale

Debbie Dale - Update - Dislocated Coccyx

Viviane - Update - Damage to levator ani muscle

Linda - Update - Questions before surgery

Brandie Cobb - Update - Butt ache then surgery

Steve - Update - Family Physician says pain is trivial, urge to strangle him suppressed

Margaret - Update - Tailbone pain persists seven months after complicated delivery of my baby

L.E. - Update - Surgery experience

Jennifer - Update - Travelling nine hours to get coccyx removed

Judah - Having injection Thursday 21 December. Need advice.

Ed Harwin - Successful treatment by a chiropractor

Kim - Help! Childbirth coxxyx pain

Beatriz - Thirteen year old Portuguese girl suffering from coccydynia

Anonymous - Back and coccyx pain was caused by cancer

Kim - Update - Can't sit or travel - Found help at last!!!!!!!

Katherine - Coccydynia relief and doctor referral for NE Ohio

Anonymous - Numbness in pelvic floor and coccyx pain

Sharon - Coccyx had a hook on the end

Patty - Coccyx fracture/pain for 2 years

Mary - Update - Having surgery on April 17th

Lee - Self-manipulation for coccyx pain

Kay Fairclough - Acupuncture for coccyx pain

Joan - Not coccyx problem but muscle spasm after fall

David - Extreme tailbone (coccyx) pain

Tracy - Questions about surgery

Linsay - I have had difficulty accepting this disability

Jacqui Martin - Severe pain when sitting on anything hard

Gemma - What should I do next????

Elaine - I thought I was going crazy

Alan - Quick recovery from surgery

Joan - 34 years of pain after the surgery

Susie - The windy city needs help too

Deb Smith - I fell from a ladder while painting and broke my coccyx

Vijay - Four years on still suffering - very hopeful nowdays

Natalie - Second surgery an option?

Amanda Batten - Coccydynia and disc disease

Moonbeam - Is there any hope for recovery?

Candace - Tailbone injury from falling off a swing at the age of 11

Marie - Broke tailbone delivering twins

Dianna - Surgeonless in Seattle

Derek - Worried because it could be something serious

Christopher - Got secondary symptoms too

Anonymous - Acupuncture and Lyrica

Stacia - Update - Before you get surgery, please read my story.....

Sherry Simpson - Sore and enlarged tailbone

JC - Spur on tailbone

Patricia Dickens - I am afraid of what they might find

Nina - Coccyx getting better

Nathalie - 99% better after surgery, despite poor after-care

Louise - A brief story relating to deformed bones

John - Update - I don't know what to do

Geoff - Multiple sclerosis plus coccydynia

Ian - Second surgery update - still a PITA

Ellen - Tailbone better

Michelle - Coccyx better

Jai - I have been suffering for 6 years. I am ready for it to stop. Please help!

Amanda - I'm at my wit's end!!!!

Roberta - Figuring out what to do with M.S. and coccyx pain

Karl Jackson - Joint damage where tailbone joins the pelvis

Ant - Pain in tailbone area when flexing

U.L. - Found help for coccyx after 15 months

April - Help with the pain in my butt!

Michelle - Fell down the stairs twice

Kate - When I stand up from sitting, it is almost unbearable

Jen - Update - My pain is getting worse the older I get

Debbie - Update - Coccyx, what a pain in the bum!!!!

Anonymous - Freak stair accident

Dee Ann - Update - Four months since I fell

Tim - I've had more fingers in me than a bowling ball

Sarah - Help!!!

Sandy - Fell while squatting down

Sandy - Tail bone hurts sitting down, standing, walking, laying down

Helen - Surgery will take a long time to heal

Dicey - Pain in my coccyx area was "referred pain" from slipped disc

Clair H. Jantzen - Misdiagnosed coccydenia

Anonymous - Steroid ointment helped

Miriam - Update - I fractured my sacrum and bent my coccyx

Genf - Herman Miller Aeron chairs

Amanda - Update - 21 year old female who needs help with horrible pain!!!!!!!!

Sandie - How well does internal massage work?

Hank - Tailbone pain and gout

Maria - Any ladies with cervix & rectum pain?????

Kathy - Unusual symptoms

Jorge Ortiz - My story - just beginning

Ted Morris - Fell getting out of bath

Roy R. Chapman - Looking for a doctor in East Texas

Karen - Update - My dilemma

Joy - Thank you for listening

Debbie Dennis - Surgery was great!

Alicia - Tea Tree Oil took away the pain.

Margaret - No blue skies ahead....only gray storm clouds

Katy - Childbirth caused coccyx problem 15 years ago

Emma - Last option - fingers crossed!

Phillip - I am going to beat this pain

Pam - Update I'm not going to give up trying to get rid of rid this pain

Leland Van Lew - Pain in me bum

Leclair - Surgeons in the central parts of Florida?

Kris - Update - My doctor said I could keep working after surgery - post surgery problems - help!

Jane - The specialist said she had never seen such a bent upwards coccyx

Bernard - Found something that works well for my coccyx problem

Amanda - Hi! I'm new to this site and I really need some helpful advice!!!!

ZoŽ - Update - Can anyone recommend a good mattress?

Joanne - I have tried everything imaginable

Jennifer Grindle - Hit a jump when sledding

Jenn - Update - I fell down the steps 15 months ago

Beth - Update - Coccyx pain since I had an injection for lumbar pain

Roger - When to act?

Erica - Jetski!

Donna M. Lopez - I fell down 13 concrete steps

Amy - Update - Tailbone pain after c-section - manual therapy helped

Nicole - I slipped and fell down my stairs

Kerrie - Does it sound like a problem with my coccyx?

JR - Pain to the right of my tail bone

Shannon - Riding my bike causes pain

Marian - Coccyx pain ongoing

Scarlett - Coccydinia lasted for 3 months after childbirth

Jody - Temper-pedic foam to make a fill-in for where was tailbone

Tonya - Coccyx removed in 2004, then other spinal problems

Sheryl - Protruding tailbone eventually removed

Pat - Pain is worsening

Jessi-Jo Foley-Keith - Update - Two coccyxes?

Christine McGraw - Coccyx removal

Cheryl - Some chairs cause pain, others don't

Rachel - Coccyx removal

Harvey Steven - The cure for coccydynia

Anonymous - I am a 16 year old female with coccyx pain!

Wendy - The pain has come back

Trudy - Looking for a chiropractor in Toronto area

Mlissa - Post-op pain

Foskay - Finally I had the surgery

Charles - Hurt my coccyx on an exercise ball

Anonymous - Sudden coccyx pain in the night

Anonymous - It felt like my tailbone was slipping on marbles

Corinne - It almost feels worse than before I had the surgery

Anonymous - Do I need something more than x-rays?

Josh Stringer - My lower back

Frankie Empl - Arnica helped the pain

Catherine - Update - Damaged tailbone during labour

Bob Davidson - Coccyx relief from turning cushion round

Vanessa - Upturned tailbone

Tim - A fistula was my problem / some call them pilonidal cyst

Pauline - Treating the cause as well as the symptoms

M - Most definitely a pain in the rumpus

Jean - Why can't they find the floating bone I feel?

Anonymous - Dislocated coccyx

Sharon - Pain relief from Nexium?

Nicole - Ow!!

Michelle - Intense throbbing pain

SGT Kirkland - Update - Pain started while doing sit-ups

Chene' - Update - Four months ago I started experiencing "horrible" pain while sitting

Tammy - Cracked tail bone

Jane - The Double Dare Incident

Don - Tailbone removed, but serious infection followed

Lucy - Table collapsed while having waxing done

Anonymous - No history of an injury, but needed coccygectomy

Amanda - Fall led to numbness on the left side of my body

Lisa - Help with coccyx pain?

Anonymous - The doctors kept telling me nothing was wrong

Anonymous - I tried the body cushion

Tricia - My coccyx was actually covering the opening to my rectum

Jraye - Dull . . but there lower back pain

Donna - Coccyx cut-out chair - Australia

Tam - Childbirth coccyx injury - 3 months on and no sign of easing

Laura - Saccrococcygeal adjustment

Anonymous - I have lived with constant pain for 30 years

Shelley - Sounds like what I have ...?

Heather - Successful surgery with excellent results - 17 weeks post op

Beverly - Two months post op

Anonymous - Where do I go from here?

Ann - Help in Hawaii

Sandra Lail - Update - Coccyx testimonial

Janine - Coccydynia after emergency C-section

Anonymous - Long tailbone

Anonymous - Doctors in central Ohio

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