99% better after surgery

Nathalie - nathaliepgibbons@aol.com

Posted 2006-10-01

I had the surgery in November 2005, exactly 2 years to the day that I broke it. I fell down the stairs from top to bottom, then landing on wooded floors and broke my coccyx that way. After numerous visits to the hospital for manipulation and steroid injections, it was decided that the only other thing I could have to help me was to have it removed.

The surgery wasn't too bad at all, but the recovery after I must say wasn't pleasant at all, unless it was just the hospital treatment that I received (which I think it was). I was stuck in a ward with five 90+ year olds, me being 29.

I managed to get out the next day. I was sent home with no after-care at all, no dressing so I couldn't change them, pain killers that added to my severe constipation (I now know what its like for mothers who have given birth) but with sheer determination I was walking and doing my physio within 2 days.

And haven't looked back since. I have had a course of laser treatment on the scar tissue to soften it, but that seems to have done the trick. At least I can sit down now, for much longer periods of time and am in less discomfort than I had been for 2 years of life. I still use my cushion when driving long journeys and have my chair at work, but it is 99% better.

I believe if you want to get better, you have to go and do it. If anyone would like to ask me anything about the procedure or I can be of any help to you and site, please do let me know



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