Coping with coccyx pain

Although coccydynia should be curable, many people have to endure it for years. This page is about how to cope as comfortably as possible.

I have made a video explaining how to make life easier with coccyx pain:

video about coping with coccyx pain.

Sitting comfortably

We are expected to sit down to work, to eat, to travel, to relax. Coccyx pain makes it difficult to carry on a normal social or working life. You can't very well go out for a meal with friends and stand up all the time. Here are some ways to get comfortable when sitting.

Coccyx cushions

Most people find a coccyx cushion with a cut-out is the most comfortable, not a donut cushion. Keep cushions at home, at work, in the car, etc. You never know when you may need one. To buy one, search online for 'coccyx cushion'. Others with coccyx pain have found lots of ways to make seats more comfortable, including car seats.

coccyx cushion

Comfortable chairs

Some chairs avoid pressure on the coccyx by having a shorter seat than normal, so that the coccyx can hang over the back of it. Others have a cut-out where the coccyx goes. There are also kneeling chairs, with or without a cut-out. And one of the simplest solutions, when you are at home, is to use a padded armchair with a high back. Turn it backwards, and you can kneel comfortably, leaning your arms on the top of the back. More ideas here.

Hag Credo chair  coccyx kneeling chair coccyx cut-out chair


Kneeling allows you to do many things you would normally do sitting. To kneel at a desk, you need a sturdy chair turned backwards, and a thick cushion to protect your knees. Don't sit back on your heels, as it can hurt your knees if you do it too long. Kneeling on a padded armchair or sofa turned backwards gives you somewhere to lean, and allows you to watch TV, read, etc, while avoiding all pressure on the coccyx. Try different chairs to find one that's comfortable.

kneeling on a sofa


Standing is good for your coccyx, but if you do it for too long it can cause tiredness, aching back, aching feet, aggravation of varicose veins, plantar fasciitis. Change between standing, lying, kneeling and sitting. Make sure you have comfortable flat shoes. Shift your weight about while you stand, and try to take a little walk from time to time.

Lying down

You will probably spend a lot of time lying down. Most coccyx pain sufferers have to lie on their side, and some find that a pillow between the knees makes them more comfortable. With any position, you need to move from time to time to avoid extra aches and pains. There's more information here, including ways you can lie face down to work or sleep.

Comfort at work

Take a suitable cushion to work, and take any opportunity to walk or stand. Several of the chairs on the Comfortable chairs page are suitable for working at a desk. If your work is at a desk, the best solution is a sit/stand desk or workstation - one where the surface can move up and down, carrying a computer. You can spend periods sitting, then move the desk up to stand while you work. Various kinds are available from office suppliers and on the internet

sit-stand desk

Living with coccyx pain

Coccyx pain causes problems with travel, leisure activities, people who don't understand your pain and just getting through the day. Have a look at those links to see how other people like you have made life easier.

Author: Jon Miles

Updated 2019-07-28

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