Living with coccyx pain

Finding a balance

It is hard to carry on with a normal life while coping with pain. You can go too far in one direction by becoming passive and self indulgent, not bothering with normal tasks and activities and cutting yourself off from society. In the other direction you can try to ignore the pain and carry on as normal, pretending there is no problem. But if the pain continues or gets worse, you reach breaking point. So you need to avoid going too far either way. You need to find the right path, for you, between avoiding anything that causes pain, and ignoring the pain and carrying on as normal.

Finding information

Apart from all the information on, here are links to websites and books that coccyx pain sufferers have found helpful. There are also many books about living with back pain or chronic pain. Have a look online.

There are 'Pain Clinics' which can help you if you have to live with pain. But often they assume that nothing further could be done to remove the cause of pain, and focus on drugs and other methods to stop you feeling the pain and on teaching how to live with pain, rather than on removing the cause of pain. So I would suggest you look for treatment designed to identify and remove the cause of the pain before turning to a Pain Clinic. But the clinics can teach you the mental and physical methods to prevent the pain dominating your life, and let you talk to others facing these problems.

Finding support

What helps above all is having someone sympathetic but helpful that you can talk to about it. Have a look at the Personal Experiences on this site, many are happy to discuss their experiences. Also Support groups have been set up for people with coccyx pain to share experiences and give encouragement in facing these problems.

Written by Jon Miles

Updated 2019-07-28

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