Lists of doctors and specialists

Here are lists of surgeons, orthopedic specialists, manual therapists, and other practitioners who have been recommended by coccyx pain patients or who are the authors of medical papers on the subject of treating coccydynia. In some cases the specialists have put their own names forward for inclusion on this list. I have noted against each name whether they were recommended, wrote a paper, or put their own names forward.

The main kinds of treatment offered are manipulation of the coccyx (usually by a physical therapist, a chiropractor or an osteopath), injections of corticosteroids into the joints of the coccyx, nerve blocks, and surgery (coccygectomy). Drugs are sometimes offered, but these just mask the pain, leaving the condition itself untreated.

People often find it hard to find a doctor to treat their tailbone pain who is near them. If you would like to recommend a specialist, or you are a specialist with success in treating coccyx pain, please let me know, so that I can add the name to the list. You can contact me here.

If there is no suitable specialist listed who is near to you, you could try to find one by writing to specialists near you.

Author: Jon Miles

Updated 2019-08-25

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