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You may find the answer to your question on the What is coccydynia? or the Find a doctor or specialist page.

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Write your story and email it to is a manually operated website. People email me their stories and updates and I post them up. That way I can keep them coordinated, and put in links to the list of doctors etc where necessary. I also now prompt people to update a year after they write about treatment, so that we can get a better idea of the long-term success of treatments. I usually post messages up on Sundays.

Name: Let me know if you want your full name to appear with your story, or your first name, or you want to be anonymous.

Country: It helps others to let them know what country you live in.

Email: Let me know if you don't want your email address to appear. If you want people to be able to contact you, but don't want your address to be seen, then set up a new free address on Gmail or Yahoo and put that on your story. You can set the new address to automatically forward emails to your normal address. See Gmail forwarding or Yahoo forwarding. (Check that the forwarding is working.)

Unless you tell me otherwise, I will assume that you are happy for your name and email address to appear. If you change your mind, or want to remove your story later, let me know and I will do it.

Images: If you want to post an image of an x-ray, operation scar, etc, send it as an attachment to your story and I will post it up.

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