Lying down to relieve coccyx pain

You will probably spend a lot of time lying down. Most people have to lie on their side, and some find that a pillow between the knees makes lying more comfortable. People with the worst coccyx pain may have to lie face down. With any position, you need to move from time to time to avoid extra aches and pains.

A good comfortable bed is a great help. There is a website,, which discusses the benefits of different mattress types, and reviews mattresses available from online suppliers in the USA.

Half-inflated air mattress

Tom wrote: After 10 years of searching and trying many different types, in my case the best mattress turned out to be cheap! I tried Tempurpedic types in the store and bought a $500 topper about 2" thick to no avail.. I have a $1500 mattress, a foam topper, and an air topper with electric pumps and dual control, and none of them work.

I ended up finding a 9 inch thick camping type air mattress and tried it half full of air. That is the perfect solution for me. It must be 9 inches thick, and only have enough air to keep me just above the floor or mattress. It molds to the body shape and keeps the spine straight. I put mine on top my bed. All I need is the air mattress and I take it wherever I go to put on top an existing bed or right on the floor - it is heaven.

Mattress topper

mattress topper

If lying down is making other parts of you sore, it may help to get a 'mattress topper' of soft foam, as used in hospitals for preventing bedsores.

Memory foam (visco-elastic) mattresses

visco-elastic mattress

Natalie wrote: I would strongly recommend Tempur mattresses. They were designed by NASA apparently and are visco-elastic which basically means when you lie on it, it reacts with the heat in your body and moulds to your shape! It also means you have no pressure points on any of your joints which is heaven! I have had spinal fusions and my coccyx removed (still can't sit without pain so I wouldn't bother trying that!) and that mattress has been a godsend. When I first had my coccyx pain I found this mattress and could have weeped with happiness when I tried it in the shop, it was that much of a relief! They are very expensive so if you don't want to shell out for one there are alternatives that are just as good that are designed in the same way. I got my tempur copy from John Lewis (UK). It's called "Impressions". It was about 600 as opposed to Tempur which would have been 1500 or something.

Another patient wrote: I bought mine from Ebay for just 150 (including delivery) and I'm very happy with it! I understand the quality might not be as good as a Tempur's one, but I get no pain from lying on it.

Note: a couple of people have written to me about variation in quality of visco-elastic foam. One said that there are different grades, with cheaper grades being more sensitive to temperature (stiffer when cold, softer when warm), and one said that she had been told that cheap versions from China break down into small particles.

Lying on your front

You may be more comfortable lying on your front. One chair that allows you to do that is the Ostrich chair, pictured below:

ostrich chair

Tim found that sleeping lying face down on a body cushion cured his coccyx pain

You can find these cushions on the internet - here is a supplier.

body cushion

Or the Comfy Rest:

comfy rest 2 comfy rest 1

You can even lie face down to work, using a massage table. See Fritz's story.

Fritz on massage table Fritz on massage table

Written by Jon Miles

Updated 2019-07-28

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