Tailbone pain after c-section

Amy - ajludwig@gmail.com

Posted 2006-01-29

I have also had tailbone pain after a c-section (see Janine's story). My son was born 11 months ago via emergency c-section. I didn't think my tailbone pain could have been caused by the c-section since I did not go through labor. I went to my GP and was referred to physical therapy. They thought my pelvic floor needed strengthening. After two months of physical therapy, I saw very little change. One of the exercises did give some relief, but only briefly.

I decided to go to the orthopedic surgeon on my own to get to the bottom of it (no pun intended!) I was only able to see the physician's assistant and was not happy with the appointment. He took an x-ray and said there was not much they could do. If I wanted, he would give me a shot of cortisone and that it should take care of the inflammation, as that is all it was. I told him I wanted to pursue other treatments before resorting to that.

I then call my chiropractor and made an appointment. I told him my story and he told me that having a c-section can make your tailbone go out of place, especially when they are taking a 7 plus pound baby out of a six inch incision. It made me feel like I wasn't crazy!

The pain from getting up to a standing position was some of the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced. As long as I could stand or walk, I was fine. Sitting was a nightmare! Even the donut pillows, soft chairs, etc. would aggravate my tailbone.

After a week of manipulation of the tailbone, I have seen about a 75% improvement. Not bad since I have been living with this pain for the past 10 months. I will continue to go and hopefully see more improvement. I hope this works!

Update, 2006-05-28

After receiving approximately 4 months of chiropractic care, I unfortunately decided to stop. It seemed to be working in the beginning and did relieve some of my pain, but the pain kept reoccurring. I felt that my next step was to try some injections. After much research, I thought I would try the injections this summer when I am home. ( I teach elementary school.) I kept researching the topic and found an interesting experience using glucosmine chondroitin. My husband and mother-in-law have had good experiences with this regarding other joint pains and thought.... "What the heck, it can't hurt." My husband had been told by his chiropractor to get the CosaminDS brand as he felt it was the best on the market. It is definitely more expensive than the others, but I thought "I'd pay any amount to help with this pain!" Out to the store I went.

I have been taking the CosiminDS for almost 2 weeks, 3 capsules a day. I am cautiously optimistic once again. After 2 weeks, my pain level is now about 95% pain-free! I am amazed and astounded. Before, sitting in a chair and trying to get up would require controlled breathing and gritting of the teeth so no one would notice how much pain I was in. Going to the movies was out of the question. Sitting in a restaurant for a long period of time was excruciating! I sat in a meeting the other day on a metal folding chair (which caused me the most pain before) and got up out of my chair with very little difficulty.

I would recommend to anyone out there to try this to see if it works. I have no idea how, but it seems to be working for me! I will keep you updated to see how it all goes in the next few months. Fingers crossed!


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