Temper-pedic foam to make a fill-in

Jody - jodyandlee@comcast.net

Posted 2006-05-07

I had one He.... of an infection after my surgery and it left me with a deep indentation where my tailbone had been. Plus the doctor was so ruff with me he shoved my sacrum up onto my L5. I got fed up with pills and found out how much damage that darn doctor did to me. I am very sore getting my bones back in place after 8 years of being out of place.

My skin doctor is so smart and wonderful! She has had people that have big parts of their muscles cut out from cancer. So what she does is take foam and fill in the hole so it won't show so much. Like you can put in on your leg and pull panty hose over it so it doesn't show.

So she had me call and ask for a sample of Temper-pedic foam to make a fill-in for where was tailbone was. I took it in and she cut it to fit the "hole" or scar were my tailbone had been. It is sunk in pretty deep so she couldn't fill it with Collagen or other things. So I took in the foam to her office and she cut it to fit were my tailbone had been. She left the bottom of it the size the foam comes in and cut the rest like a pie shape with the foam V'ed from the bottom up at the top she cut it flat so there would be nothing pushing on were my tailbone had been or on the bone that was on top. The piece she cut was 1 and 3/4 long by 1 and 1/2 inch wide. The top part of the foam that doesn't touch my skin is just the way the foam came. The inside is what she cut at wedge shape to match the indentation of my butt cheeks.

It was amazing! I learned I had been sitting with one leg pushing me over on one hip or the other. After I got the foam in there I could just sit without leaning one way or the other. No wonder they couldn't keep my hips in place!

The feeling is coming back into my legs, etc.

I had all my friends and family call and ask for a sample of the foam so I would have plenty for the years to come. Just cut it to fit the indentation from the surgery without pushing on the bone that is left. Place it in you were your tailbone had been. Then get some tape and tape it in place to hold it. It is wonderful for me I hope it works for you.

By the way I have a Temper-pedic mattress so I knew how it worked. That is how we came up with the idea. I needed it to be able to ay on my back.


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