Coccyx getting better

Nina -

Posted 2006-10-01

For no apparent reason about 4 years ago I starting suffering from coccyx pain to the point that sitting down for longer than about ten minutes caused excruciating pain. Initially I had no idea what was causing the problem, after numerous trips to the doctors I was finally diagnosed with coccydynia, but told that treatment was very difficult and there wasn't much that could be done to help me. Due to twisting in my chair to avoid the pain I had constant pains all down my back and a heavy sensation all through my legs which made walking and sitting so painful.

After 4 years of debilitating pain and many trips to chiropractors and doctors I was finally referred after much persistence to a private orthopaedic surgeon in Nottingham, UK. The surgeon diagnosed me as having a hyper mobile coccyx which moved a lot and recommended a steroid injection and manual manipulation under a general anaesthetic as the best method of treatment. The information on this site helped me to make the decision to go ahead with the operation.

I had the operation 4 months ago and am relieved to say that after a slow steady improvement my coccyx is significantly better, rather than being in constant pain I am now almost pain free sitting down even for long periods.

For anyone who is suffering from coccyx pain I hope you find a treatment that works for you, as a coccydynia sufferer simply sitting down is such a painful part of life but hopefully my experience shows that there is hope, just be persistent with doctors to get the right treatment for you.



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