The cure for coccydynia

Harvey Steven -

Posted 2006-04-23

Last summer I went kayaking with my wife and other friends only to discover about 1 week later that I had the classic symptoms of coccydynia. I literally had a pain in the ___, every time I sat down. Relief only came from standing or lying down. There were no limits on my physical activity, though exercise and stretching relieved the symptoms somewhat. Determined to find help, I pursued the following: my local orthopedist who said that there is nothing to do for it, and the pain would go away by itself… "just be patient". After 8 weeks of patience, he prescribed cortisone by mouth (medrol dose pack), which I decided not to take.

I visited two chiropractors, a top notch physical therapist, a board certified acupuncturist at a leading rehab center in NJ, two massage therapists, a cranial facial therapist (along with internal manipulation), 4 various seat cushions and two new Aeron chairs.

After searching, I was fortunate to find Dr. Patrick Foye, at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (see Doctors and specialists in the USA). His approach was to deliver injections at the ganglion impar junction at the top of the coccyx, starting with Lidocaine, followed by Marcane and then a steroid derivative.

Over a period of 12 weeks and 5 injections I have changed from a pain level of 10 to zero. And so far it is holding without regression. Time will tell, but Dr. Foye has broken the code with his unique and proven approach. The key is that all of the shots are given using a fluoroscope, so there is no guess work involved in the placement of the medicine. I was fortunate to find him through your web site. He is a caring and patient professional and would recommend him without question. All of the other remedies are temporary Band-Aid fixes. This appears to be a permanent cure.

Harvey Steven

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