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Nancy, USA - Update - Found relief in Illinois

Sofia, Mexico - Update - Coccygectomy in Mexico

Sara, UK - Update - Waiting for surgery, terrified - now had it

Anonymous, USA - Update - Coccygectomy--St George, UT

Anonymous, USA - Update - Post-surgery getting better daily

Andrea, Italy - Update - I bounced from doctor to doctor, I was so desperate

Jenny, UK - Update - Help for a painful coccyx

James, Australia - Update - Protruding Sacrum - I'm a 43 year old male and this is my 'tail'

FT, UK - Update - Suffered coccydynia since being pregnant with my first child

Elizabeth, UK - Update - Coccyx operation by Mr Hardy

Andrew, UK - Update - Sharp pain in my tailbone following a heavy fall

Chiara, UK - Chiropractic treatment with Dr Durtnall

Natalia, UK - A huge improvement

Lesley, UK - Dislocated coccyx -Sayer Clinic - Michael Durtnall

Evelyn, USA - Update - Horrible last 3 years

Anonymous, USA - I found relief!

Cat, USA - Surgeon removed top 2 segments of coccyx, left lower 3 in place

Soldedad, Spain - A physiotherapist in Spain

Sara, UK - Victim of an office job, 8 years at a desk

Emilie, France - Coccyx deviation and pain

Rachel, UK - Finally, I have been cured!

Nobue, UK (in Japanese) - My coccyx agony & successful treatment with Dr Michael Durtnall

Nobue, UK - My coccyx agony & successful treatment with Dr Michael Durtnall

Michaelane, USA - 3 years of horrible pain and 100% better

Emily, UK - Specialist recommendation UK

Sophie, UK - Success after a year of treatment

Sarah, USA - Immediate relief with Brenda's method

Kellie, USA - Pudendal neuralgia

Birgit, Germany - A wonderful improvement!

Anonymous, USA - Debilitating pain after hysterectomy

Lauren, USA - After 3 painful years, it's finally gone!

Arkash, India - Feedback for Dr. Rajveer Singh

Sarah, USA - My coccygectomy surgery experience - Salt Lake City

Shivani, India - Thanks to Dr. Rajveer Singh for giving me a ray of life

Michelle, UK - Crazy as it sounds, I cannot wait for surgery

Lakshmi, India - Shooting pain in my tailbone every time I sat on a flat surface or rose from sitting to standing position

David, UK - Recommendation for a chiropractor

Samm, UK - Coccyx removed June 22

Josh, USA - I'm done being holistic

Saurab, India - Tailbone pain treatment by Dr. in India

Susanna, Canada - Coccyx story and professional recommendation

Angie, USA - Travel home from surgery?

Cora, Germany - My broken tailbone - and the journey to London

Ursula - Please May I Sit Down

Ritu Jain, India - I am now able to do my daily work

Julie, UK - Don't suffer - see Michael Durtnell for diagnosis & treatment

Cyndee - Coccyx and pelvic floor pain

Sharmila, India - Tailbone treatment

Prakruthi, India - Tail bone treatment

Michelle, USA - I can go longer without pain after each internal adjustment

Miara, India - Treatment experience by Dr. Mubashira

Linda, USA - Nerve blocks

Anonymous, UK - Very happy to report I am 95% better

Satya, India - Tailbone treatment from Rajveer Singh

Bill B, USA - Update - Going into surgery tomorrow

Linda - Surgery or not?

Aliza - Coccyx pain treated by manipulation

Gino, USA - Started with riding a mountain bike

Anonymous, UK - Well on the way to recovery after steroid injections and manual treatment

Jennie, UK - Successful treatment for coccyx/pelvic pain with Michael Durtnall Sayer Clinic London

Catherine, UK - Sayer Clinic - Michael Durtnall - coccyx review

Alix, UK - Physio for lower cross syndrome working wonders

Julia P, UK - Things that helped me

Sylvie, UK - My pain came out of nowhere

Kate, UK - It started during pregnancy

Waldo, UK - Fused painful coccyx and protruding neck bone spur

Sujit, India - Physiotherapy for tailbone pain

Anonymous, Greece - Coccygodynia

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