Coccyx deviation and pain

Emilie, France -

Posted 2017-10-07

After many years dealing with my pain by having some regular injections to temporarily calm down inflammation, I have found a doctor, Dr Hervé Guillotte, (osteopathe, étiopathe) that had managed to help me a lot. (See Doctors and specialists in France)

Looking at my skeleton as a whole he saw that my pelvis was blocked since very very long time and that was probably causing the coccyx deviation and pain. He also made some internal manipulation twice.

I wanted to recommend this doctor to French readers (Paris area) as I think he can help many.

So far I feel almost no more pain, dont know how long it will last but at least no injections needed.

Posted 2019-02-10

Pelvic twist management done by my étiopathe had helped a lot but not enough I must say and after a while I had to come back to mesotherapy injections.

It seems to me that I have found the best suitable solution for my case to live with this problem without suffering too much and most important be able to do all I want.

First I need to say that I do everything I can to protect my coccyx, I have a special U- cushion in my car, a special chair for my home office (my husband made a trench in the foam pad) and when I eat out I ask for a cushion or I make one with my coat or scarf just to create some space between my coccyx and the chair.

Then I mix two treatments :

- étiopathie 3-4 times a year to make sure my pelvis is not twisted as it had proved that it has an impact on my coccyx pain level.

- mesotherapy (injections) 2 times a year exactly where coocyx is outcropping the skin and around area.

It helps a lot. Pain has not totally disappeared but I can forget it. if I am seated too long (more than 2 hours) I feel it but not when stood up and after night rest I feel Ok.

So if I do travel (will never stop) I take my u cushion, I stand or lie down depending what is possible and also I suffer, yes, but I manage accepting it as I know it won’t last after a good night rest.

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