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Christine - Coccydynia since a teenager

Gogooky - Lidocaine patches for pain relief

Adele D Meyer - Update - Coccyx removed after 9 years of pain

Carol - Chiropractic Logan procedure worked

Connie - Coccyx surgery - 2 days ago - Optimistic about success

Greg Thibeaux - Update - Eventually had coccyx removed

Penny H. Craig - Coccyx pain during and after childbirth

Jennifer E First - Success - Almost!

Karen Ramaley - Surgery and after

Jenny Rogers - Clear Passage, horse riding

Edie Countryman - Pain after Fall

Barbara Anne Barnes - Sharing

Brenda - Pain just to the left of the tailbone/Massage therapy?

Louise - Partial coccygectomy, but no relief

Mary Bisagno - Update - Pain started in pregnancy, had coccyx removed

Les - What kind of pain?

Jackie - Levator ani syndrome/vulvodynia

Anonymous - Hysterectomy, cortisone shots

Anonymous - Pain returned

Tawnya L Antonio - Missing coccyx????

Susan - Tail bone shaped like a V - now removed

Michelle - Does anyone have menstruation problems due to coccyx injury?

Kathryn - 10 days post-op and doing fine

Margie - Surgery scheduled - but chickened out

Gill - Coccydynia, childbirth and pain relief

Sally Cowell - Fish oil cured muscle pains

Christine Fitzgerald - Physical Therapy May Help!

Anonymous - Recurring coccyx and related pain

Atul Vaydia - Will it get worse?

Anonymous - After many years of pain, got relief from 'Clear Passage' in Florida

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