Finding a good physiotherapist

Sally Cowell -

Finding a good physiotherapist was achieved without any help (or hindrance) from any doctor

I had some physiotherapy treatment, without much success. I asked Janet if she did ligament work. She said she had never heard of it but that would be specialised treatment. A phone call to the physiotherapist association asking for someone specialising in pelvic floor rehabilitation or woman's health, produced 4 names. I contacted the closest. If I wanted to narrow the field I could have asked for qualifications in pelvic floor rehabilitation or woman's health when phoning those on the list.

Roz turned out to be very helpful. She says my left ligament is tight ( x-rays show the coccyx turns to the left). And I have problems with my pelvic floor muscles. It was recommended that I see another specialist with higher qualifications and she will arrange an appointment

I should do as much pelvic floor exercises as possible, that is pull up and hold for 6 seconds then let go. Do this 10 times for each session. No more than 10 times per session. Gradually work up to holding for 10 seconds. If you don't know what I mean with 'pull up', imagine you want to stop the urine half way through, that is the pull up action. This exercise is good for men as well as woman. But not if they have prostrate problems at they don't want increased muscles in the area. This should help bring my coccyx tip back in line.

In regard to the cause, Roz says ask several people and get several answers, but for what it is worth here is her explanation. I think this is a likely one for me. Because my stand and sit x-rays show a movement backwards my likely cause is child birth which pushes the coccyx backwards. A fall pushes it forwards. In child birth the likely times of trouble are a long second stage labour or a large baby.

My babies were average in size and the 2nd & 3rd very quick deliveries. I suspect the first one. My labour pains lasted about 17 hours and fairly soon were at 10 minute intervals or less. At the time it felt it was going on forever. At around 5 pm the doctor made a cut to widen the opening and delivered the baby by forceps. I wonder if he wanted to be home for his dinner? Perhaps the forceps were the extra pressure that dislocated the tip.

When I investigate my coccyx I put a little lubricating cream on the skin and with my finger I can feel the tip left of the centre crease. On the right is a gully, on the left the muscle is raised to be level with the bone. I am referring to the last 1 inch of bone.

My condition is worsened by a long history of constipation and consequently pushing down on the muscle. A change in diet has fixed that. The coccyx joints have tiny disks, but in Roz's opinion osteo arthritis is very unlikely. Osteo arthritis is aggravated by a lot of bending in a joint and my coccyx doesn't get sufficient bending to cause that.

The best news of the lot from Roz is that if I do have it removed the muscle pain would be less because of less pulling on it. My big worry was that if I have muscle problems then the surgeons knife would exacerbate it.

Updated 2000-11-01

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