Personal experiences of coccyx pain in 1999

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Anonymous - After the fall...

Molly - My pain

Anonymous - Any Success stories?

Carlos Moraes - Hope and Cushions

Lois - Fall last July. Trying physical therapy, painkillers

Robin - Tarlov's cysts

M Strawson - Very hard to sleep or stand, but can walk for miles

Nikki - Caudal Block for Coccydynia

Anonymous - Suffering since birth of 2nd child

Linda - Pain in the Coccyx

Sarah - Fractured both sacrum and coccyx. Removal of coccyx not effective

Anonymous - Wheelchair cushion

Geri - Mobile coccyx from birth. Removal of coccyx cured headaches

Kay - Pain is awful

Anonymous - Coccyx pain after spinal x-ray with contrast fluid

Anonymous - Pain for 6 years. Worried about surgery

Carolyn - Coccyx removed, best thing I've done in a long time

Darienne McAuley - Update - Another happy listener :-(

Anonymous - Injured coccyx from waterslide

Debra Hopkins - Update - Had coccyx removed a month ago - feeling great

Anonymous - Pain during intercourse

Jennifer - Going to doctors regarding this I've come to see as pointless...they do not seem to know what to say

Chris Longthorp - Coccyx/ME/prostatitis - Neurontin

Rick Thaxter - Came on for no reason. Drugs help

Tami Ross - Coccyx pain and tumour

Terry Tuell - A real pain in the...Back side

Margarita Kopper - Trouble finding a doctor who cares

Anonymous - Acupuncture really helped

Susan - Unknown cause, unless rear-ending by automobile earlier caused it

Anonymous - Chiropractic works, but only temporary

Monsi Hodgson - Update - Questions before surgery

Linsey - Had coccyx removed, had to wait 2 years to get partial relief of pain

Gary Willey - Coccygodynia - sciatica - prostate pain - rectal pain

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