Pain when sitting or getting up


I have had a lot of pain for the past 4 weeks in my lower area near the coccyx. I'm not sure whether I came about because of the gardening and lifting I did at home about 4 weeks ago or because I sit at work and sit playing cards till early hours of the morning but it has worsened. The doctor did not understand where the pain was and Xrayed me on the spine. The radiologist could not understand so I had to be xrayed twice. No abnormalities have been found so I have been referred to a Orthopedic surgeon who cannot see me for two weeks. This week I have now sprained my lower back probably trying to move without hurting my coccyx area, I have a lot of pain not just when sitting down but mainly when I try to get up, sometimes I freeze.

Just thought I would tell my story. Thanks for reading it.

Updated 1999-01-17