Any Success stories?

Are there any success stories out there for people who have recovered from coccydynia? We need to hear these too so that we don't get discouraged.

Reply from Jon Miles:

It's a good point. The trouble is, if people have successful treatment, they don't go searching the internet for solutions, so we don't hear their stories. There are some exceptions, such as Debra and Geri.

To give some balance, here are stories I heard after I had this problem (I had never heard of anyone with it before then):

  1. A fellow patient at the Pain Clinic told me that she had had coccydynia years ago, and it was successfully treated with a corticosteroid injection and  it never came back.
  2. A woman at work had the same problem, and the injection, but it was not successful. She now sits on a ring cushion, and she has had some herbal treatments. Her pain has not gone, but it is better than it was and it is not so bad that she wants to try any other treatment.
  3. Some friends told me that a friend of theirs had had coccydynia, had her coccyx removed and was completely cured.
  4. A woman my wife met said that her father-in-law had had his coccyx removed with complete success.
  5. A nurse who was treating me told me that a friend of hers had fallen down stairs and had severe bruising of the coccyx. She had not had any specific treatment, but the pain had gone away in about 6 months.
  6. After riding a bike, a colleague of my wife's had pain on sitting. She went to her doctor who did not examine her properly. The pain went away after a couple of months.

So, five out of the six stories I heard among friends and acquaintances were successes. Any more from anyone else?

Reply from Tami Ross:

I just wanted to let you know that I have a friend who had coccydynia caused by an unknown factor. She had one shot of corticosteroid and has been completely pain free since then (about 3 years). I just had a shot this morning and hope to see good results soon.

More from Jon Miles:

A friend of my daughter's at university told her that she had had the problem for about a month, and it went away.

Another colleague of my wife's told me that if she rides a bike she gets pain that stops her sitting down for weeks.

A canoeing friend has a friend who damaged his coccyx. Apparently if you fall out of your kayak in white water, you're supposed to float feet first down the river avoiding the rocks until you can grab something. But your bottom hangs down, and his hit a submerged rock. He was in pain for some time, but my friend has now lost touch with him.

There's more of it about than you think!

Updated 1999-07-21

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