Had coccyx removed a month ago - feeling great

Debra Hopkins - poaka@iname.com

I feel great I was operated on one month ago. My surgeon was Mr G Howie from the Remuera spinal unit in Auckland NZ. My story started a year and a half ago. I was at work and I bent down to pick up a small item. I did all the correct things bent my knees not my back.I thought the pain would go away even though it was quite accute, after all I am a fit somewhat sporty 33year old. I visited my g.p of 30yrs who rather dismissed my complaint, he gave me some anti inflammatory and pain killers and sent me back to work. thankfully I was sent to the company physio who took me a bit more seriously. After a lot of mucking about I was given x-rays, cortizone injections, physio with no positive results. I went for an MRI scan which did not show any thing a lot out of the ordinary.Thankfully Mr Howie decided to remove my coccyx. I now have it sitting in a jar at home. After he removed it he said it was very worn. for what reason I do not know, but you can trust I will be asking. The operation went very well, the only down side about it was the constipation three days after the operation which I cured myself with some diluted prune juice.I feel so well that I am going back to work on the 7th december. I have been mucking about in the garden, walking around the shops,walking the dog. People keep telling me how well i'm looking, i'm sure it's because the stress from my face has gone, now if we could only do something about the crows feet. The only minor pain I have is where I was cut open and that will be gone very soon. I feel positive and happy once again.who knows I might soon be having sex again-if I can convince my partner. I must be well to even be thinking of it. Dont lose another day of your life get someone to take you seriously.

I emailed Debra for more details, and this is her reply:

Hi Jon

I'm sorry for taking so long to reply. I am using my friends PC, as I dont own one.Also I have been flat out getting back my life, going out, painting my house, gardening, working and walking my Dog. I dont mind at all that you have put my posting on your web site. Any hope that I can give to people suffering will be worth it. I recomend that any one consulting a surgeon on removal of their coccyx ask how many they have removed, what the risks are and the success rate is.My surgeon told me how many per year he had done and that the only risk was a risk of inffection to the wound. He also said that in the last two years there had only been two people that had an inffection to the wound. He used a stitching method on me that was one long stitch, which is about four inches long on the inside of my buttock. It has healed very nicely and I hardly notice it now. In answer to your question on the ligaments, I really dont know. I do know that I can run, jump, skip and do the dance of joy. I will also be going back to Ballet in the New Year. The Op took about an hour .I would say that it took a good three weeks after the Op to sit down without a lot of pain. The surgeon recomended limited mobility for the first month. Which was the case but after that I kept feeling better every day and very hard to make me sit down and relax as I felt I had to make up for loss time. Good luck in finding a surgeon Jon, dont muck around any more get out there and find a really good one. You have wasted to much time already, whinge, bitch, moan let them see you dont want to live like this any longer.

All the best. Debra.

Updated 1999-06-01