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Silke Neumaier - Update - Recommendation of psychological self-help method

Phil Bryant - Update - Doctor won't take the pain seriously - now 80% better

Diane - Update - Fell 2008, still in pain, going for surgery

Tina From Madrid - Update - Coccyx pain with calcification, spicule, and associated pelvic floor muscles dysfunction

Claire - Update - Ganglion impar block reduced the pain

Shivakumar Chikkamath - Update - Some relief from exercises

CE Forman - Update - Looking for specialists in the Peoria or Bloomington-Normal areas

Mike - Update - Physician in Bend, Oregon

Richard Laird - Update - Radio frequency ablation and other treatments

Bernhard Celestin - Update - Original surgery left a sharp piece of coccyx behind

Sally Gunn - Update - Coccyx pain after losing weight

Nihal - Personal experience

Chris - Update - Coccyx deviating to the left, treating with physical therapy

Anonymous - Update - Chiropractor and self-manipulation (internal) has reduced pain from 10 to 3

Selena - Update - Should I go for the coccygectomy?

Laura - Coccyx pain following child birth

Sharon - 13 weeks post-op

Sara - Operation after suffering for three years

Richard Bishop - Wow

Sue - Coccygectomy Success Story

Nick - Coccyx pain after surgery for pilonidal cyst

Holly - My tips

Edel - Answer to my Coccyx Pain - Dr Durtnall, London

Derith - Tailbone pain since 2005, more severe after accident March 2009 - Help

Christy - Update - Every time I move my tailbone grinds and pops

Anonymous - Some ideas

Marianne - Ostepathy seems to be working

Jennifer - Left side of my tailbone pain/pressure

Evelyn - Pelvic pain after coccyx injury

David - Coccygectomy at U of Minnesota Riverside, Dr. David Polly

Jenny - My three-year battle

Helen - Ultrasound treatment

Tom - Epidural injections related to back, coccyx, and leg pain

Stephanie - Tail bone pain - Dr. Patrick Foye

Michelle - Nerve block for coccyx pain?

Sharon - 14 months of coccxy pain caused by a mirena coil wedged in my cervix against my coccyx

Sachin - Treatment of coccyx injury by Dr. Rajveer Singh in Bangalore, India

Rose - Very slow progress after the operation

LK - Miracle worker in NY/NJ area

Galina - Terrible pain after childbirth

Zee - Coccyxectomy Surgery 14 years after childbirth

Bonnie - Bowel issues with coccyx pain

Terrin - Looking for a doctor in in Edmonton, AB, Canada

Fiona Coccygectomy success story

David - Coccyx Pain - Michael Durtnall

John - Mental health problems can bring on aches and pains

Anonymous - Mr Lu Ton, Victoria, Australia

Adrienne - Dislocation of coccyx after childbirth....

Sylvie - My own way to relieve the pain

Stephen Wallace - 90% relief within 10 minutes

Jeffrey Stevens - 35 years of pain

Jay - Relief from coccydynia in Wisconsin

Laila - Update - There is hope!

Anonymous - Lumbar extender seemed to help

Subhash Kulkarni - Simple idea cured my coccydynia

Maurice - Worse off after coccyx operation

K Eigenheer - My surgery experience

AJ - Yoga can cure this pain -- it cured mine in one week

Craig - Not sure what to do?

Bart F. - Bio-feedback helped after surgery

Anonymous - My protruding tailbone

Cathie - Coccyx relief after weeks of agony after childbirth

Nick K. - I feel a "crunch" in my tailbone area when I sit or change position

Trudy - Treatment with small foam ball

Sanjeev - Treatment in India

Anonymous - Anyone share this discomfort?

Anna - Should I ask for a removal?

Marilyn Mejorado - Coccyx pain with muscular dystrophy

Janine Hoggins - Success with Robert Griffiths (London)

Sherrie Holtz - Tailbone pain after 27 surgerys for other conditions

Lyn - Pain for about a year

John Allan - 5 years of suffering, all started after I broke my coccyx

Jennifer - Something keeps popping out of place

Debbie - Injured again after coccyx surgery

Kim - Looking for surgeon in South Florida?

Jona - Surgery success

Stephanie - My tailbone pops when I move positions

Joe - Coccyx injury and headaches?

Debbie Parker - Dr. Karen Pryor of Tennessee

Saurabh - Coccyx pain gone in 3 days

Jean - Success with Dr. Sandler

George Fordham - Great pain relief after injections from Dr Foye

Brian - To everyone looking for relief for coccyx pain

Wendy - Coccydynia?

Julianna - Update - Coccyx surgery by Dr. Cardea (Richmond, VA)

Andy Kirk - Sitting on icepacks

Lynne - Neurological coccydinia

Michelle Grantham - My story of pain

Michelle - Removal of the coccyx

Suresh - Looking for a solution in India

Karin - 3 years of pain...

Sara - Tailbone surgery

Anonymous - Recovering well after surgery

Anonymous - Surgery after years of suffering

Sharon - Coccydynia after hysterectomy and back injury

Rita - Cayenne treatment

Rakesh - Pain in coccyx bone

Anonymous - 6 months of pain, first specialist no help

Anne - Has anyone grown armpit breast tissue after injections?

Monica - Update - Angled coccyx breaks through the skin

Lizz - Hope after 7 years of pain

Pinar - Surgery in Turkey

Vanessa - Visit to Dr Jean-Yves Maigne in Paris

Dr Steven Griffith - A ballet coccyx story

Jeffrey Lawson - Coccyx excision

Natacha - Coccyx pain after motorcycle accident

Janis - Coccyx surgery for giant cell tumor (non-cancerous)

Heather - Suggestion for another treatment option

Anonymous - Happy ending

TinaMarie - It's working!

Kristin - Pain when rising from sitting

Hunter - Manual treatment, shoe lift and acupuncture

Eileen - Dislocated coccyx and twisted pelvis

Anonymous - Is a real pain in the butt!

Anonymous - Dynamic x-ray showed unstable/hypermobile coccyx

Karen - Sore sore sore...

Anonymous - Physical therapist recommendation, California

Vicky - It feels like my tailbone is going to give me a hard time yet again

Susan - Coccyx pain after spinal fusion

Steve - Finally pain relief without medicine/medical assistance

Sandra - Old ice-skating injury left the tailbone like a "Z"

Amanda - Coccyx adjustment cured the problem, been pain-free for a year

Denise - Sit-ups set the pain off again

Sue - Success with manipulation

Rodger - Update, Worked for me, coccygectomy (tail bone removal)

Maryanne - Cortizone shots for now, but for how long?

Linda - The unlikely culprit for me was Lipitor

Henry - Seated x-ray revealed a major dislocation in my coccyx

Michael - Australian physios helped relieve the pain

Joy - Continuous coccyx pain since September 2008

Danielle - Pain came on in pregnancy

Ariela - Board underneath coccyx cushion helps on soft seats

Anonymous - Swimming has relieved my tailbone pain

Marc Gregoire - My tailbone surgery experience

Ed - Severe pain after weight loss

Bonita - Turned down for the disability even though I have a real problem

Marie - Coccyx relief

Linda - Hope at Last

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