Coccyx pain gone in 3 days

Saurabh -

Posted 2009-06-28

I have been to this site quite number of times and read a lot of articles and users experience and shared one of mine couple of years back.

It's almost 3 year now when I damaged by coccyx and it gets worse during air travel or sitting for a long time.

I have tried most of the suggestions like Hot massage, Oil massage and Hot water bath and applying lotion, not sitting much and prefer standing. But this gets worse day by day as my job is related to computers and I have to sit for at least 7 -8 hours.

Last month after a full recovery from this pain again I damaged it and X-ray showed it was not broken but went inside and need to pull it back.

I am bit skeptical in pulling back my coccyx as I saw lot of comments on not doing this and looked for other alternative and I can bear this pain as this was second time for me.

I am strong believer in Yoga and was searching some exercise to put my Coccyx back to its original position and luckily found one after one of friend shared it with me.

Believe it or not I got 50 % relief in 2 days after doing yoga for 10 min a day. that was awesome and I am referring this Yoga to lot of other people and they are also getting relief from this pain.

I felt posting this message to all of friends in agony of coccyx pain. Its worth of try and then I know you will feel the difference.

God bless all.



Ardha shalabh asana

Thanks and Regard,


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