The pain is getting less with an airbed

Saurabh -

Posted 2007-02-18

I have been to this site quite number of times and read a lot of articles and users experience. It's almost 1 year I am with this pain and it get worse during air travel where seat cushions are worst, my car seat is better than the airlines seat.

I have tried most of the suggestions like Hot massage, Oil massage and Hot water bath and applying lotion, not sitting much and prefer standing. But this gets worse day by day as my job is related to computers and I have to sit for at least 7 -8 hours.

Recently I moved in to new apartment where I have to purchase all the utilities including bed and mattress. I searched a lot for good one but in a vain as I don't have enough time and I need to sleep in night.

One of my colleagues suggested me to buy an air bed for temporary time till I find good mattress. Its been more than a week I am using it, to my surprise I find my pain is getting less intensive day by day. And I feel good after I woke up in morning. This is not an advertisement of air beds, its my experience.

Well, its worth it to give a try as you are spending more than 6 hours in bed and putting pressure on your tailbone.


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