Ultrasound treatment

Helen - helen@bondaband.com

Posted 2009-11-22

I have just found your website after about 12 years of suffering from problems with my coccyx, and feel relieved that I am not alone and that there are lots of things that can be done.

My problem started about 12 years ago whilst on a month long holiday to Australia. I do not know whether it was having to sit for a long period on the plane that caused it but basically,- I felt as if I was growing a tail.

I went through 9 months waiting to have manipulation and cortisone injection (the manipulation was not successful) and the cortisone injection lasted about 3 days before the pain came back. I was frightened at the thought of having it removed so for years have been sitting on either cheek or laid down. I have had good and bad patches through the years.

It has recently got worse brought on by a new fitness regime which included spinning - (cycling) which I have now stopped doing.

I have been to see my GP and he was very sympathetic. He gave me anti inflammatories (they have not worked) and referred me for physiotherapy. The centre I was referred to was David Cook Airedale Sports Injury Clinic in Keighley West Yorkshire. I have had my 2nd session today which basically involved her running and ultrasound over the area. This has given me relief for 3 hours. Fantastic! My physio has said she hopes it will solve my problems in about 6 sessions. (I am a bit sceptical about this but am willing to try anything).

I would like some advice from people who have had their coccyx removed, the treatment and recovery and if it does solve the problem. Also could anyone recommend surgeons in West Yorkshire area please?

Once again the website is brill- I felt as if I was going mad and that noone understood until I read it.

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