My tips for tailbone pain

Holly -

Posted 2009-12-13

My name is Holly, I'm 25, and when I was a child a chiropractor discovered the tip of my tailbone curves outwards instead of in. This causes me pain when I sit, especially for long periods of time (it's not going to go away on its own). When I was in school one of my teachers insisted to all of us in the class, we have chair pillows, genius. Every year I brought mine back to the next teacher's class; but I got older and went to a new school where I went from class to class daily, and found myself sitting on my jackets; I had them even when it wasn't cold. I also found myself leaning forward and having my thighs mainly on the chair and my butt an inch off.

It wasn't until I lost merely 20 lbs I had the worst trouble sitting, I was 17 at the time, I lost my cushioning. I have yo-yo'd in weight for this reason. Now, my butt is muscle and I don't have much cushion, it is more and more painful to sit. To my advantage, I have taken a job that I stand all day long, and at home I have a big sink-into couch. What also helps for me is to avoid further pain, while on my couch, I support my lower back simply with a pillow, because my spine is not getting any support when I sit, and sit awkwardly; causing back pain, neck pain, and hip pain. I try to stay positive an not let this control the way I live my life.

I have increased my posture and strengthened my ab muscles so I can keep my hips stable and back supported better. Leg power also is good to have, combined with pelvic muscles, squeeze your legs together (girls, like you have to pee) and kind of 'lift yourself' off the seat if you have to stay seated just a little little bit longer and it is hurting (like at a wedding..etc..), also you can lean forward while doing this, and shift the weight of your body off your butt and onto your legs (you will feel your back thighs working a little harder, bonus, a great butt lift!) If it hurts even more, stand up, your too far hurting.

I sometimes lay on the couch with my knees bent, legs on the arm of the couch (they are tall), with a small pillow/blanket under my butt; this keeps my spine aligned and pressure off my tailbone, still free to crochet or watch TV. I am 5'8" and sometimes places are small for my long legs and I end up sitting on the end of seats, right on my tailbone, which after 2 minutes is way too long. It also helps me to sit on a stool at the counter instead of a chair at the table, since my thighs can be the only things touching the round seat, butt sitting off the edge.

Exercise helps you gain control by using muscles you didn't know you had, but the fat helps cushion for the pain. Its lose-lose, the pain creates my depression when I am thin, and the fat helps the pain but creates my depression because I am fat. Grr. I try to manage what I have been given and I don't like taking meds. As much as possible I watch myself, how long I sit, take a break from sitting and stretch, cause hey, standing burns more calories than sitting!

Thanks for reading my experience! Good luck everyone on your adventure!

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