The unlikely culprit for me was Lipitor

Linda -

Posted 2009-01-25


My name is Linda and I have had pain in my tailbone and muscle spasms radiating into my hips for about three years. Mine problem actually started from using the squat toilets in China and Thailand. I also have some osto-arthritis problems confirmed by a bone scan and X-rays.

I found that the unlikely culprit for me was Lipitor, ie statins for high cholesterol. I have been taking them for 30 years and didn't realize that they were the problem, but my acupuncturist (which helped somewhat) and my massage therapist (which helps a lot) suggested that it might be the cause. I literally hurt all over. I have stopped taking statins and feel 90% better. I still have a little pain and discomfort when sitting for long periods. I am using fish oil to control my cholesterol. Of course, I do not recommend you stop any medications unless you consult with your doctor first but a simple liver test can determine if this is part of your problem. The Lipitor advertisement suggest that sudden muscle pain may be a side effect, but it does not mention long term side effects.

I found a plastic inflatable O ring cushion (also called a donut) helps me greatly. I can inflate it to just the right thickness to cushion my tailbone when I sit. Also arch supports in my shoes helps a lot and not going barefoot. Also I use Wii Fit balance games which help me a lot because they use those tiny muscles without requiring stress on my joints. Be sure to wear shoes with good support.

I tried steroid injections (7 series in all) and the pain the procedures cause wasn't worth the minimal improvement for me. Acupuncture helped some, too. I had some physical therapy which helped while I was having sessions, but did not help long term.

I have a terrific massage therapist, Kalpesh Patel at Shands in Gainesvile, Florida. Unfortunately it is hard to get appointments, but well worth it. His treatments are not what you expect when you hear the term "massage". They are very subtle movements and you may not think he is doing much, but give him at least three weeks. When you get up one morning, and for the first time there is no pain, you become a believer. And he will not hurt you during the therapy and he will listen. He will move you into a position and hold it for several minutes. You may feel warmth in the muscle, then sometimes the muscles begin to quiver and then you feel the tension release almost in layers. It is very hard to describe, but has worked for me.

My best to you. I know how frustrating and down right depressing this can be, especially when it is suggested that it is just a mind over matter or in my case, just lose some weight. Not easy when you can't move without pain nor even sleep at night because it hurts so much.

Best to you,


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