My tailbone pops when I move positions

Stephanie -

Posted 2009-07-05

I have had multiple injections that offered me temporary relief. I had a rhizotomy in February. After two months of post-op pain I got about 2 months of relief. One thing that is constant throughout the last year is that my tailbone pops when I move positions while sitting. Has anyone else experienced that?


Note: A permanent nerve block is also known as rhizotomy, though strictly that means cutting a nerve. It is also called neurolysis (lysis means destruction of cells). The nerves carrying the pain are destroyed. Usually this is done by heating them by passing a high frequency AC electric current into them through the tip of a needle (called radiofrequency or RF heating). This method is said to be more accurate than older methods of nerve block such as injection of alcohol, phenol or glycerin to destroy the nerves, which can sometimes lead to more widespread destruction than intended. Although this method is intended to be permanent, nerves may grow back again in a year or so, and the pain can sometimes be worse when it comes back. The treatment can be repeated.

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