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Kim - mainedog1971@hotmail.com

Posted 2009-07-19

I am a 31 year old active woman who has been suffering from tailbone pain for almost 7 years now. The only thing I can relate the pain to is Spinning Class. I used to take it religiously and began teaching. I have since given up the class entirely, as I thought it might have been the cause. Well, my pain has not gone away, even after stopping the class. I'm sure the constant pounding in my lower area, helped to aggravate an already sore tailbone. It was a blessing that I found this website, as many of the personal stories that describe the pain, could've been written by me!! Unless you have this pain, it is hard to explain to other people and I feel like I am a broken record when I go to the doctors. I have become increasingly pessimistic with every new doctor I go to see who thinks they can cure me. I just want relief, so I have been open to many different procedures.

I have actually started to document all of the doctors/specialists I have been to over the past 7 years, so I can just show the "next" doctor in line, all of the treatments I have tried. These treatments include; massage therapy, internal manipulation of coccyx, biofeedback, cortisone shots, injections under fluoroscopy, ganglion impar blocks, coccyx nerve blocks, pelvic massage therapy, X-RAYS/MRI's which reveal no abnormality, surgery for "supposed" pilonidal cyst (which I don't think I had to begin with), cranio-sacral therapy, and finally lots of prescription pain meds including:Neurontin, Flexeril, Hydrocodone, Naproxen, Lyrica, Keppra, Meloxicam.

I traveled to Mayo CLinic in Jacksonville FL to meet with a radiologist who did refer me to a neurosurgeon for a Coccygectomy. After reviewing my case, he was very clear that a coccygectomy is the LAST resort and there is not a lot of research on this type of invasive surgery, not to mention those who go through with it, can end up with worse pain or no relief of pain. However, with this said, he agreed that I have done virtually everything he would've suggested and it has not worked, so he thought a coccygectomy would be the next step. I live in South Florida and most doctors down here look at me like I have 3 heads when I bring up a coccygectomy. My question to anyone out there is, do you know of any doctors in the South Florida area, so that I don't have to make the 7 hour trek up to Mayo clinic for the surgery? (see Doctors and specialists in the USA) Also, I would appreciate feedback (both positive and negative) on those of you who have actually had the surgery.

Hoping the next time I write on this site, I will have positive results.....


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