My story of coccyx pain after falling down stairs

Michelle Grantham -

Posted 2009-05-17

Firstly I have decided to add my story as I have found great comfort in reading others stories, just to know I am not alone in my sacrum/coccyx pain.

I fell down the stairs at home in June 2007, my now husbands birthday actually so I have been in pain for nearly 2 years now. I decided to go to the hospital the next day as couldn't stand without pain and sitting down was impossible because of the pain. I had a X-ray and they said I had fractured my sacrum and I would need to rest and it would take 6 months to heal. I was sent home with painkillers.

I decided to go to Dr herbs and ask them what they thought 4 weeks after fracture, they said acupuncture, I am terrified of needles but decided to give it a try, it did work quite a lot for the pain, but effects only lasted 2 days at a time I had about 15 sessions in all but it was becoming difficult to afford at 30 a time so I had to give it up.

I went back to the fracture clinic a few times still in agony and I was told even if my fracture didn't heal there was nothing they could do, I asked to be discharged as there was nothing they could do and I was, I was also referred to the pain clinic and for physiotherapy. I tried a few exercises recommended by the physiotherapist but they didn't really help that much, I bought a tens machine that helped when the pain wasn't too bad along with painkillers.

I fell again in January about 6 months after my fracture. I didn't get it checked out as the pain wasn't any worse even though I had landed on my sacrum/coccyx.

I have tried a few medications from the pain clinic I started off on Pregablin but that didn't help, I was then swapped to tramadol which worked quite well especially on my wedding day it was helpful but I noticed some bruising on my legs a couple of weeks into using tramadol so I was advised to stop taking them.

Then the pain clinic said maybe a injection into the sacrum would help. It was some sort of epidural, I went for this and it didn't help the pain but ever since I have had shooting pains/aching pains in my legs, they said space was smaller where they injected me because of the fracture and it did cause extreme pain in my legs when they put the needle in.

About 3 months later I was put on fentanyl patches which work quite well I started on 25 mg and now am on 50 mg they take the edge off the pain most of the time but some days I cant even move much as the pain is that bad.

I am having some quite awful side effects from the patches like headaches, feeling sick ,loss of appetite so the pain clinic referred me back to the orthopaedics and I have seen then, I told the doc I had fractured my sacrum he looked at an mri I had 6 weeks post fall and said he thought I had coccydynia he said to do exercises which I had already tried and I told him that I thought it was a waste of time. He said 2nd step maybe an injection into my coccyx would help and 3rdly he could remove my coccyx. He sent me home saying to do the exercises and come back in 3 months, I went back a few days ago and was hopeful as I had another mri a couple of months before.

Anyway I went to my appointment saw the same doctor he looks at the mri says it hasn't scanned all of the sacrum only the top bit nor the coccyx and decides there's nothing he can do and discharges me. I was so upset I just don't think its fair, I mean the mri didn't even scan the right place and he just does that, I was in tears by time I left the hospital.

The doc said there's nothing he can do and I just have to learn to live with the pain.

I have decided to try a chiropractor as I still can't sit for more than 15 mins, I cant walk for more than 20 mins and I can't even get a bath as its too painful, I still can't even lay on my back. I cant play with the 3 year old son as much as I used to because of the pain, I feel like I haven't got much of a life and at 28 that's just an awful feeling.

My appointment is today so I'm not building my hopes up just going to see what they say even a little less pain would be great.

Michelle Grantham

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