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Brian from Pennsylvania -

Posted 2009-06-07

My name is Brian. I broke my tailbone playing softball in May of 2005. The pain was so severe for awhile I was not sure what life was going to be like if I could not get some relief. Sitting was almost out of the question, then trying to stand after sitting for a while the pain would be insane.

My family doctor said there wasn't much that could be done if it was broken. After a lot of pain pills and visits to specialists I was not getting any relief just drugged up on pain meds. Then I started pain management locally with injections but was getting little relief. The doctors had X-rays ordered but only while laying flat and standing.

By this time I had done some research and found this website. When I mentioned that they should take X-rays in the seated position they X-ray tech said I read to much online and that they would not show anything. Wow were they wrong. I'll get to that in a bit. The Pain Management Doctor here in PA was injecting the right meds just not ever in the exact spot needed. After three injections locally with little relief I came back to this website and found Dr. Patrick Foye located at UMDNJ in Newark NJ (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, New Jersey).

Dr. Foye was the answer for me. I went to see Dr Foye on December 13 2008. He first ordered X-rays in the seated position which showed my tailbone when seated was almost at a 90 degree angle which was causing the extreme pain. With the guidance of Fluoroscopy he was able to inject the meds exactly where they needed to be. (Funny that the told me around home that it would not show anything different) The first couple days after the injections the pain was still very bad but then after about a week the pain slowly went away little by little. After about a month I was 95% pain free. It is now 18 months since seeing Dr Foye and the pain is just starting to come back. I am looking forward to the two plus hour drive to New Jersey to get my 2nd injection. If I get even close to the same results I'll be thrilled.

If you are being told there are no options but to live with the pain or have the Coccyx surgically removed call Dr Foye. He was the answer for me and I believe many others. His demeanor and attitude is 2nd to none. Without Dr. Foye I'm not sure what my quality of life would be right now.


Brian from Pennsylvania

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