Bio-feedback helped after surgery

Bart F. -

Posted 2009-09-20


I had coccygectomy in January of this year. I knew there was only 50% chance of a painless future but did because I couldn't live with the pain. I had tried the caudal procedure which only made it worse. The surgery went well, but I am a big guy and it was hard to keep the weight off when I sat.

In May, while doing some work at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, I inquired of a physical therapist (to whom I will always be grateful) if they had any specific therapy for people following coccygectomy. She replied that they did have a therapist who could help me.

I made an appointment with the therapist, who explained to me the use of bio-feedback in re-educating the muscles of the pelvic floor. We had several therapy sessions and it helped tremendously with the pain. It can still get sore after long hours in an airplane or an auto, but it is so much better than it had been. I highly recommend the therapy.

Bart F.


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