Cortizone shots for now

Maryanne -

Posted 2009-01-25

Hi, I'm a 46 year old librarian and most of my day is spent sitting in front of a computer screen.

I've had coccyx pain for 4 years. It came on rather suddenly without any trauma. It is accompanied by sciatica and lower back pain and the doctors tell me they are not related. . 4 years ago, I had x-rays and it was determined that I had degenerative disc disease and a herniated disc at L5. I was prescribed PT for 8 weeks, but nothing for the coccydinia. After the PT was completed, I still had the coccydinia and was referred to a physiatrist who gave me a shot of cortizone. This lasted an entire year. I went back, and got another shot that lasted another 1.5 years.

In August 2008, the pain was back again. I went back to the physiatrist for my third shot, but he would not administer it as his rule is only 2 shots. He recommended me for a coccygectomy. They took x-rays (the technicians had never taken an x-ray of a coccyx before) and I found out later by reading this website that they should have taken lateral views of me sitting as well which they did not do. Anyway, I was referred to three different surgeons before someone agreed to see me. I thought to myself that coccygectomies must not be very successful if I had to have three referrals. I had assumed (which I now realize I shouldn't have) that my x-rays would have been sent to the doctor to review before seeing me. On the day of my appt., the doctor found out that I had "success" with shots because they have lasted a year or more each. He told me that I should simply come back once a year for a cortizone shot.

So, part of me says, great! I don't have to have a coccygectomy! But the other part says, are these shots healthy? I've heard conflicting information regarding cortizone shots.

So, I had my 3rd shot on Jan. 20th, but I'm going to look for a second opinion...and I'm going to bring my x-rays. What is really frustrating is no one has actually examined me. The only comment I got from the last doctor is that my coccyx is "pronounced".

I am glad to see many of you have had successful coccygectomies. I just wish I could get someone to actually examine me before I decide that it is the way to go.

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