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Posted 2009-11-08

I began experiencing pain in my tailbone region every time I would sit for a long time and then move to a standing position. The pain only happened once in a while. Then, it became more and more frequent so that I would feel it every time I stood up after sitting for even as little as 10 minutes. A lot of my typical activities became painful. I just couldn't sit in a relaxed position anymore and it made me very sad.

For weeks, I toiled around the internet and saw various types of doctors, all of whom made no difference. I also went to see Dr. Gotlin (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, New York) after discovering him on this site. At this point, I had had pain for more than 4 months. My experience with him was the same as AJs experience. I do not recommend him.

I was complaining to a friend of mine about the continual pain and she told me about a therapist in the NY area named Alexei Belfer (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, New Jersey). She said he was kind of like a chiropractor but more holistic. She said he has an extraordinary understanding of the body and that he would be able to "fix" me. My friend knew I had reservations about treatments like manual manipulation of the coccyx and she said that Alexei was very NON-invasive but effective (she had several friends who had seen him for a variety of back ailments and they were all apparently very pleased with results after just 1 or 2 sessions).

I gave him a call. He practices out of an office in New Jersey as well as out of two different offices in Brooklyn a couple of times a week. I made an appointment one week later.

I went to see him and there was definitely a wait. I had to wait about 90 minutes before my turn came - so be prepared for that! Anyway, when I saw him, he was very friendly and easy to talk to (not like Dr. Gotlin) and, for whatever reason, I trusted him. I lay down on a table and he felt my spine and pretty quickly told me that my problem was my L5 vertebra and that it was causing me to feel pain in my tailbone region. He did 3-4 simple adjustments (nothing involving the sacrum) and told me I should be better. He said that if I did not feel a dramatic recovery, I should return the following week for a sacrum adjustment.

Immediately, I felt about 30-40% better. I was incredibly happy because this was the first time there was a reduction in pain in many months. I felt like it was a breakthrough. About half the time I sat, I didn't have pain when I got up. The other half of the time, the pain was still there so I went back to see Alexei.

This time, he did an additional adjustment that involved my legs that was designed to adjust my sacrum. He moved my legs around in a way that was not painful at all. He told me that my pain would be almost gone now. He was very confident when he said that.... And he was right! Beginning the next day, the pain was 90% gone. It has been 3 weeks since the day Alexei did the sacrum adjustment and I am continuing to improve. He gave me an exercise that I think has helped tremendously as well. The exercise is very easy to do and is strengthening my back muscles because my core is weak and apparently, the curvature to my lower back is weak. I can feel the exercise making a tremendous difference.

Immediately after that second adjustment, I was able to go back to sitting 10 hours a day at work and I never have pain when I sit or when I stand except in very limited instances - every now and then (maybe 1 time every 3-4 days), I'll stand up and feel a very faint pain deep inside the tailbone region. It's not very noticeable though and I might not notice it at all if I hadn't suffered the way I did all these months. However, I do believe that if I sat with poor posture for several hours (which I have not dared done in weeks), I would likely feel some pain like I used to. I do not know this would be the case because I tend to sit properly now but I think it is likely. So, I plan on continuing to work with Alexei because, after all, one can't sit perfectly all the time.

To all of you who are suffering from tailbone pain, whether it is a L5 problem, a disc problem, or a dislocated tailbone or whatever, I highly recommend you see Alexei Belfer. You will not regret it -- he does nothing invasive but has a huge impact.

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