Left side of my tailbone pain/pressure

Jennifer - oopsession9@yahoo.com

Posted 2009-11-29

Like so many others on here, I feel so lost. 11 years I have been fighting with sciatic pain down my legs and across my back. 5 years ago a neurosurgeon told me to take yoga because it would be good for me. Four days after that one beginner class I started having the most incredible painful pressure on the left side of my tail bone. In the past 5 years of trying to find out WHAT is causing this I have done acupuncture, 2 years of physical therapy, bio-feedback, ultra-sounds on my uterus and had my pelvic floor examined, 3 MRI's, X-rays upon x-rays, seen a naturalist, 8 months of prolotherapy (OUCH!), an SI joint injection, and in the 11 years have done a total of 15 epidurals--3 of which when through my tailbone to the back side to get all the nerves back there. NOTHING has helped—not one bit!! I live on Motrin and Vicodin. I am only 31 and thinking of starting a family but I KNOW that I just can't.

Standing is my worst thing, followed by slower walking, and sitting for long periods of time. Only lying down helps---some. The pressure/pain never stops, and pulses to different sizes. I know that sounds strange but don't know how else to describe it. Most of the time it is the size of a golf ball and then goes up to what feels like a football in size and shape. It just takes your breath away with pain when you get up out of a chair sometimes. Painful to go to the bathroom, pain when I constrict the muscles in my abdomen, painful to have sex, and there are many times when I have to fake trying on clothes at a store just so I can lay down in the dressing room. My left hip pops a lot when I stretch. My physical therapist says my hips never stay in place and everything holding them there is weak. I can't exercise so I would say everything in me is pretty weak, and I'm not sure my hips have anything to do with what is going on with my tailbone.

My doctor just yesterday told me that my tailbone is at a 90 degree angle and there looks to be a very small "bubble or cyst" (as she said) on the left side. What does all that mean? She injected steroids and local anesthetics to the left side back there to see if that helps. Has not so far. I just don't know where to go from here and what else I can be doing to FIND the problem.

Does that sound like anyone else?? Any ideas from anyone?? I would be TRULY grateful!

I try to stay positive, but the depression from all this just gets to me some days. This isn't in my head.

Could all this have been the cause of the yoga class, or the several epidurals I had up to that point of the yoga class? Could it be muscle spasms that are now pulling my tailbone back? Why wouldn't it relax in 5 years? My goodness I just have so many questions.


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