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Ariela -

Posted 2009-01-18

I am 57 years old woman who suffers from coccydynia . A year and a half ago I was still jogging half an hour a day and lifting quite heavy weights. Suddenly I started to feel a little bit of muscle ache in the lower back . As it persisted I made the necessary test and everything was fine, so I decided to go to a chiropractor. Since then my life has been completely changed.

A young chiropractor who works in a famous office in Manhattan pushed strongly his elbows on my spine causing three herniated disks and dislocation of the coccyx. Immediately I felt that something terrible have happened to me. When I came back to the chiropractor and told him that his treatment was very aggressive he said that he hears it for the first time. Anyway when I found out that the pain came from the coccyx I started to make a research and find out this wonderful site which I follow every week. Thanks to the stories here I managed to know how to self manipulate the coccyx and moved the last vertebra back to its place but I suffer from permanent spasm -levator ani muscles.

As I was trying not to increase the inflammation I bought several kind of coccyx cushion and I find out that the best one who works for me is medium density memory foam, but it is difficult to sit on a soft chairs or an airplane and cars. The hard ones were too hard causing pain so I decided to combine two things which made me independent from looking for the right chairs and I gave it a "chanel" look. (I took some photos.)

I bought a 3-4 mm of light wood board in a store like Home Depo cut the same size as the cushion but full rectangular. Easy to walk around (may be for a male it should be a bit thicker so it wouldn't break . .

During this one and a half year I visited all kind of doctors from different countries (some appear on this site) and they aggravated the inflammation. I wonder if to take the famous steroid injection via epidural or directly to the coccyx. I went to a pain clinic and the doctor put me on morphine patch and clonazepam in order to break the spasm. Both help a little but not enough so I asked her to inject a little bit of steroid in the triggers points. It reduces the pain but she said that it will help only for two weeks.

The Dr. recommends a series of steroid epidural injections 2 weeks apart and total of 3. Did some have success with this form of treatment?

Thank you very much Jon for your incredible work I wish there were more people like you. (sorry for my English I'm not American).


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