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Rodger -

Posted 2009-01-11


I'll keep this short and sweet, do it and if you want a professional to do it, go where I did.

I live in Alaska and suffered with coccydynia (tail bone pain) for 2 years. No one in this state will remove a tail bone so I went to California for the surgery, coccygectomy. I feel 98% fixed after 21 days and expect 100% by end of this week. My family doctor was going to have me doing injections and taking pain pills for the rest of my life. Me status at time of surgery; male, 40 years old, 40 lbs over weight, out of shape and middle of the road on pain threshold. Honestly, getting my wisdom teeth removed was worse then this.

Thank God I found this web site.

What to expect if you are coming from out of town:

Send them an MRI CDROM.

Schedule 9 to 12 days.

Where I went: Sacramento California, UC Davis Spine Center, Dr Rudolph J. Schrot, Neurological Surgeon (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, California)

This guy is a brain surgeon and takes tail bones out in 30 minutes. He made it sound so easy he squeezes them in between the hard stuff.

Sincerely, Rodger (coccydynia survivor and very pro coccygectomy)

Update, 2009-01-20

Hi all,

It's day 35 from surgery. Not quite 100% but in the high 90's. I can sit without a pad for a few hours but still get a little tenderness from being cut open, not from any kind of tailbone issue. I used to struggle to stand from a seated position. I looked like a pregnant lady getting off a couch. That's all gone now. As for med's, I'm off completely.

FYI, the bill's are coming in and thank God I had insurance. The MRI, X-Rays, one office visit, surgery and a day and a half in the hospital cost $58,000. Likely I only have to pay around $200 of it and the insurance got the rest. I was blown away when I saw the cost. I should have been in my own room with steak and lobster for that.

I've gotten a few emails asking how I went about setting this surgery up. My family doctor referred me to a orthopedic surgeon. First mistake, the tailbone is part of the spine and a Neuro Surgeon is the correct referral. I started by calling my insurance and asking what surgeons were in my area and also if they were preferred on my policy. There were none in the area so I searched for physicians in California and Washington. Once I spoke to a few offices I called the insurance and asked, by name, which would be preferred on my policy. The last thing the insurance wanted me to do was get a referral from my family doctor to the Neuro Surgeon. He was happy to do so especially since I did the leg work. The rest is covered above.

I still say I do it all over in a heart beat. RD

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