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Krissi, UK - Update - I don't know what I think, I feel like I'm drowning

JoAnne Garcia, USA - Update - I finally had my coccyx removed!

Mary Lou, USA - Update - Effect of injections wears off

David - Update - 100% pain-free 3 months after successful surgery

Louise B - Coccyx break in childbirth and subsequent planning of caesarean

Carol S. - Update - Still in pain three weeks after surgery

Rachel - Update - Injured coccyx during childbirth; some relief found from injections

Sherlene - Update - Going from bad to worse

Rod - Update - Psoas muscle release

Kimberly - Update - Don't continue to go to the same doctors if they aren't helping you.... get second opinions

Matthew - Any tips on what my next steps are?

Syrena - Update - Surgery, March 1st, 2012

Emily Weber - Personal story

Pradeep - 70% relief after 2 months of exercise

Judy - When I go to stand up it brings tears to my eyes

Melanie - Pain due to nerve damage relieved

Shaunda - Good results!

Catherine - Relief with manipulation in Australia

Kayla - Successful coccygectomy

Robyn - Chiropractor might be the answer

Ralph - Coccyx pain gone after years of suffering

Merry - Story and question about the treatment of coccydynia

CG - A recovery story

Anonymous - Update - Specialists - Melbourne Australia

Emma - Sitting fall down 15 stairs

Brittani - Pregnant with tail bone pain :(

Xochi - 38 year pain in the ass

Theresa - Update - I just wanna be able to sit down and get up like everyone else

Cynthia - Fell hard on the floor and hit the tailbone

Nichole - Injection is effective

Anonymous - 70% improvement with treatment from Michael Durtnall

Lorraine - Update - Going for coccygectomy

Lisa - Pain post childbirth

Linda - Treatment by Dr. Schrot and Mandi

Lee - Lower back and tailbone pain

Jana - Manual treatment from Dr Griffiths

Floss - Coccyx pain followed by muscle spasms- not sure what to do!

Don - Relief from coccygectomy

Anonymous - Update - Physical therapist pushed too hard and dislodged my tailbone

Peter - Dr Robert Griffiths

Nicole - Horrendous coccyx pain... can anyone else feel something moving around?

Jane - Surgery with Dr Robert Carbin

Piyumi - A story of hope and recovery from idiopathic coccydynia

Carol - Manual therapy with Jerry Hesch

Leigh - Horse riding caused a problem, manual therapy helped

Aidan - Successful treatement with Robert Griffiths

Sally - Dis-positioned coccyx?

Kim - Coccyx removal was well worth a few months discomfort to be rid of that kind of pain

Mari Gowda - Injury to tail bone while skating

Erri - Tailbone pain when going from sitting to standing (Portland, Oregon Area)

Debbie - Any ideas?

Todd - No luck locating a skilled doctor for manipulation

Balkrishn Kamath - Update - Success with self-manipulation

Danielle - Tailbone tilted, pressing on the colon

Allyson - Update - Coccygectomy after spinal fusion

Gayle - Tired of pain in the butt

Veereesh - Coccyx treatment details, and it may be helpful to you!

Joan - Third time's a charm?

Kristin - Update - Trying to find the light

Mohammed - Not finding a solution in Saudi Arabia

Tiffany - Tailbone pain caused by colonoscopy

Bonnie - Success with operation, then return of pain

Jennie - Coccyx pain for 2 1/2 years

Ben - Self-manipulation

Emily - Coccyx pain due to traumatic birth

Suzanne - Coccyx removed in Paris

Melissa - Going for surgery 27 years after injury

Ian - Coccyx cushion - I'm never without it

Anup - Bent tailbone after fall

Generale - Slow but steady improvement with manipulation

Anonymous - Severe lower back pain, is anyone else in the same situation?

Kerry - Long term pain finally reducing

Dave - Injection working so far

Anonymous - Coccyx pain caused by beatings when a child

Darrin - Relief at last!

Cheryl - My coccyegectomy - 5 weeks post op

Robyn - Possible cure - Pawpaw (Papaya) cream

Renee - 90 degree angle after falling

Susy - Could my SI joint be contributing to the coccyx pain?

Awais - A transition from pain and suffering to hope and improvement

Lithia - Update - Eventually going to have surgery

Kim - Microcurrent Therapy

Elaine - Upcoming coccygectomy

Tammy - I CAN'T take the PAIN any longer

Fatma - Pedal fell off exercise bike

Zoe - Update - Scheduled for surgery 22 February 2011

Louise - I feel like I'm going mad and feel like it's only me in this situation

Kara - Update - What can I do from here?

Caro - Any specialists in East Tennessee?

Anie - Success with a treadmill machine!

Adam - 12 years of pain caused by a high school bully

Misha - Sitting properly is the key

Kathleen - Relief after 15 years

Fernando Lara - I found how to have a good quality of life from suffering Coccygodinia

Samantha - My success with Dr Gill

Kristen - I am losing hope

Karen - Hypermobile coccyx and my treatment

Anonymous - Finding relief with Sayer Clinic

Trishtop - Considering pregnancy after coccygectomy

Lavonne - So glad I had the surgery

Kaz - Seeking advice from a surgeon about removal

Matt - Could this be a coccyx problem?

R. Senthilkumar - Coccyx injury, my surgery, depression, now happy

Kathy - Coccyx injury - treatment received at the Sayer Clinic

Lynette - My surgery

Anshuman - My tailbone experience with Dr. Rajveer Singh

Shaun - Pain in my butt!!

Lisa - Pain has flared up in pregnancy

Carlos - Success with coccyx removal

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