Coccyx pain gone after years of suffering

Ralph -

Posted 2011-11-13

I hope my story below is helpful to someone else. After suffering with coccyx pain for years, a number of x-rays, a number of appointments with my orthopaedics doctor who informed me the problem was that the joints in the coccyx fused together. At the same time I went to my family doctor every 3 to 4 months due to being diabetic and all I wanted to discuss every time was the burning sensation in my coccyx. I visited this website reading stories to try to make sense of this problem. I forgot to mention that I was sent to a well know surgeon in the area who promptly sent me a surgeon who specializes in cysts of coccyx. He looked at me and told it wasn't a cyst and I would have to live with it but he did offer some good suggestion with the way I sit and ride in cars. 25 years ago he was one that would remove the coccyx but that had been marginally successful procedure.

Then a few months ago I began to get sciatic pain on my right side. I soon after told my medical doctor we had to do something as I almost unable to enjoy doing anything in like due to coccyx pain 24/7/365. So he sent me for an MRI, something I had suggested to him and my orthopaedics Dr. a couple times. So if you have coccyx pain do yourself a favor asks your physician to have a lumbar MRI done. What I am suggesting is a wrong diagnosis for years because a MRI was not done. I tried physical therapy just before surgery which I believe helped with my recovery after surgery.

Well the problem was a tumor in the L1/L2 area inside the spinal cord. My neurosurgeon was best in the area and was very careful in making sure I did not have spinal fluid leakage after surgery. Immediately after surgery the pain gone, and everyone had been looking for a problem below L5/L6. The tumor a slow growing type, usually benign, has been growing for years and my not had been found if I had not insisted the physicians quit playing a guessing game and find the problem. I may have not gone to physician to complain again which seemed to be futile if the sciatic pain had not appeared.

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