38 year pain in the ass

Xochi - xochieraine@gmail.com

Posted 2011-10-23

That's right, 38 year pain in the ass. I was born with a protruding coccyx. It was stated to my mother it was extra cartilage and nothing to worry about. Yeah right... school was embarrassing, especially high school. I couldn't sit up normally, I had to sit on one side or the other, foot under the other side so it wasn't pushing my tailbone into the hard chair or floor. Forget any type of floor exercise where I had to be on my back or in a sitting position! And forget showers after gym class... teasing, pointing, name calling, and talk behind your back! A living nightmare!!

As years went on, I got married and had kids. Labor wasn't bad surprisingly. Although even my ex husband had his jokes about it.... nose caught in your ass again babe? Who's the brown noser this time? Or does the crack in your ass make you a cripple?? Well asshole...yes it does!!

So I finally really started looking for doctors about 10 years ago. For this reason or that nobody would even bother with xrays... wtf?? Fine screw you too. I went to Mexico October 12, 2011, had x-rays, next day surgery, October 15th released to go home!

My journey finally completed! Or is it? I still have a bump which the doctor says will heal in a few weeks, its just swelling. Truth is he only removed one part of the coccyx, not the complete coccyx. The scar to me looks like a chainsaw was used, he says that too will be fine. But why worry about a scar right, its hidden in the crack of my butt? But I do.... remember 38 years of hell!

My point is this.... my surgery is done, but mentally there's more than you discuss. The reality is, maybe I wasn't ready for this mentally. I knew I wouldn't have the perfect ass you see in photos on the net, or men pass to one another via text messages, but I also didn't think I would still have this bump because he only did a partial removal instead of complete.

Am I any better off now than 4 days ago before I had it? I don't know yet.... only time will tell.....

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