Tailbone pain when going from sitting to standing

Erri - erri.kishan@gmail.com

Posted 2011-07-31

About 4 months ago I started to feel some tenderness in the tail bone/coccyx area when going from sitting to standing and the pain stayed for about 5 minutes after I stood up. I initially ignored it thinking I might have strained something while running but the tenderness got progressively worse every time I stood up and I started becoming conscious of even sitting for a few minutes. I first went to a chiropractor who thought the pain was being referred down from my spine (5th lumbar) but after about 3 visits of absolutely no improvement, I turned to the interwebs and found that a physio can some times help. I also noticed that a doughnut did help and I did not feel as much pain when going from sitting to standing after sitting on a doughnut.

The first physio I went was also not sure and tried a series of stretches and SI joint strengthening exercises for two week but again saw I noticed zero improvement. I then, fortunately found this website and noticed that Pam Kotila's practice was in the Portland, Oregon area (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Oregon). On the first two visits with her she thought that the problem could be due to misalignment of the hip and suggested some stretches but that did not help as well.

However under the "symptoms of coccydynia" section on this website it was clearly stated that all of the patients who had this particular symptom had a coccyx that partially dislocated or moved abnormally. I started to think back on any specific incident that could have caused a misalignment and remembered an incident when I beared down after being constipated and felt a sharp pain in my tail bone area-I did not think much of it at that time because the pain went away after a minute or two. I talked to Pam Kotila about this and after an external examination she thought that this (tailbone misalignment) could be a possibility. We decided to try an external and internal manipulation and I finally found that this has helped quite a bit. It has been about a month since the manipulation and I don't have the same shooting pain when going from sitting to standing and my tailbone area only becomes tender when I sit for over 3 hours.

I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the manipulation sticks and the relief I feel continues to hold. Hopefully my story helps some one who has similar symptoms and I would recommend Pam to anyone in the Portland area who believes that they need an internal or external tailbone alignment.

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