Fell hard on the floor and hit the tailbone

Cynthia - bishoproberts29@yahoo.com

Posted 2011-10-09

While shopping in Walmart I fell hard on the floor and hit the tailbone. I was diagnosed with coccyxdina by the doctor. I am in great and constant pain. I have taken the pain medicine he prescribed, but I do not like pain meds. I am also sitting on the donut cushion that the nurse told me to get to lessen the pain.

I have had seizures at night for years from a lesion in the frontal lobe of my brain, and since the night I fell I have been experiencing more nocturnal seizures and panic attacks. I was wondering since the central nervous system is involved, is this the reason why I am experiencing more panic attacks and seizures, and how can I get some relief from this terrible pain.

Thanks for any help you could offer. Cynthia

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