Relief from coccygectomy

Don -

Posted 2011-09-18

On Feb 16 2011 I finally had the courage to have the surgery after dealing with tailbone pain for 4 years. The injections didn't help any at all. The x-rays didn't show anything and the MRI showed normal. After reading all the negative reviews on the internet I just couldn't decide on surgery until reading about having the x-rays while sitting down. Then back to my PCP and he said he has never requested x-rays while sitting but could. After seeing the pictures from those it was clear that when sitting the last two joints shifted backwards. That's what gave me confidence in having surgery.

I had never had surgery before and was terrified but it was a piece of cake. It was done as out-patient. I rode home sitting up in a small car. I was off work for 4 weeks but could have gone back at 3. I'm in a pick up truck all day at work and did have to use the donut for a couple of months.

At this point I'm in the seat 8-9 hours and don't need any kind of cushion. Previously I had to sell my motorcycle since I couldn't ride two blocks without terrible pain but now I have another one and rode for 3 hours today.

Anyone in the Little Rock Ar. area I highly recommend Dr. Phillip Johnson at Ortho Arkansas (Note: as of 2015, Dr Johnson is no longer doing coccygectomies.)

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