Success with self-manipulation, to some extent

Balkrishn Kamath -

Posted 2011-05-29

I have been having coccyx pain for the past 6 months and initially I did not know that the pain is from the coccyx region. Hence, I visited a general surgeon to check out whether I have got any problem with my anus area. When the doctor told me it has go to do with coccyx, he suggested I should visit an Ortho. The Ortho took an extra & made sure I don't have any other problem other than coccyx pain. He suggested a course of physio along with some pain killers. I went for 10 sessions of physio at different intervals but did not find the pain reducing.

At that time, I visited your blog and went through experiences of various people. I read the physical manipulation suggested by Brenda and got in touch with her to clarify the exact method of conducting this physical manipulation. I have carried out this manipulation for a period of 15 days three times daily. Along with this, some other people suggested me to take finely chopped one clove of garlic to be gobbled with the water just before having food once a day. These two things have helped me reducing the pain by around 75% in just 15 days and I hope to get rid of this pain in few weeks time continuing these two methods.

Posted 2011-07-24

Further to my email of 27th May, 2011, I found physical manipulation could bring down the pain only to the extent of 50-60%. As I knew little bit of Homeopathic, I thought of going through some reference books and found a medicine suitable to bring down the Coccyx pain. Accordingly, I administered myself the following course of homeopathic medicine:

First three days 5 pills of Nux Vomica 30 to be consumed 3 times a day. The next three days take Hypericum Q , five drops to be put in a glass containing 60ML of pure water. Stir it thoroughly before you take the water and swallow the water very very slowly so that your tongue gets the taste of the water. This step should be followed atleast 3 times a day for three days.

After this, reduce Hypericum Q intake just two times a day and then take in between 5 pills of Hypericum 200 to be consumed 3 times a day. This you may have to continue for 2-3 months for 100% cure.

A word of caution when you take homeopathic medicine. Whenever you take homeopathic medicine, you need to keep your mouth free of any food particles or any smelly substance/drinks 30 minutes before taking medicine and 30 minutes after taking medicine. The sugar globules which contains the medicines should be kept on the tip of the tongue for dissolving rather than chewing it or biting it.

I can say my pain has reduced now to around 95% and Homeopathic medicine should be continued atleast for 2-3 months in order to have permanent cure.

Note from Jon Miles:

Homeopathic medicines are diluted again and again until in most cases there is none of the original substance left in the medicine given. See Homeopathy for more information.

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