I finally had my coccyx removed!

JoAnne Garcia - permanentcosmetics@sbcglobal.net

Posted 2011-09-18

Hello! My Name is JoAnne Garcia. I have suffered with coccyx pain for the last 5 years due to a motorcycle accident. It had been extremely painful when I stood for more than 5 minutes. I had a lot of pain if I sat back in a chair, so I had to sit forward all the time. It hurt when I went to bed. I had to sleep on my side, but hurt like heck upon turning to my other side or my back. I saw many orthopaedic docs that could never make me feel better. I had all kinds of pain meds given to me, none of which took my pain away. They just made me sleepy. Pain management docs couldn't give me relief either. I had spinal cord stimulator (trial), which didn't work either.

They finally told me that I would have to see a doc in Dallas, TX to remove my coccyx, but said that if they hit one nerve I would be paralyzed or incontinent. Or that I could be connected to a morphine pump for the rest of my life. Who in their right mind would choose this. So I tolerated the pain until I just couldn't anymore. I finally talked with my neurologist and he suggested I see Dr. Guy Fogel (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Texas). I made an appointment to see Dr. Fogel. He saw me carrying my coccyx cushion, looked at my x-rays, which didn't show anything but I knew I had had a fracture of the 2nd coccyx 5 years ago. I told Dr. Fogel that I had seen 5 other orthopods and none could help me. He suggested that I have the coccygectomy, and so I did. This is my third week and I can stand, sleep, and walk without problems or pain. It does still hurt slightly upon sitting for long periods of time but I just know that I will be healed before too long. Dr. Fogel is my Hero. He is an awesome doc.

Update, 2014-06-08

Just to let everyone know my update: Dr. Guy R. Fogel is awesome. No more pain. I can sit right, walk, stand and sleep without any problems what so ever. It took me about 6 weeks from having had my (coccyxectomy) surgery to be able to live without pain.

I have a lot of respect for Dr. Fogel. He truly is amazing. I was even back to work in 3 weeks. Yay, I feel great.

JoAnne Garcia

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