Tailbone pain caused by colonoscopy

Tiffany - originalsixx@hotmail.com

Posted 2011-06-26

I was hoping that someone could offer some advice. I had a colonoscopy done yesterday morning. Today I am having bad tailbone pain, the pain started yesterday but milder than today. Has anyone had this happen to them?

I spoke with my doctor today who said this 'could' be related to the procedure and to go to the ER is pain got severe. I would not say that the pain is severe enough to warrant a visit to the ER but something is clearly not right, I have never had this pain before. Has anyone had this happen? I live in Western Pa. - can anyone recommend any good doctors in this area in case this doesn't go away as my doctor said that it would...

Note from Jon Miles: See Coccyx pain caused by previous medical procedures

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