What can I do from here?

Kara - sheepkwolter@gmail.com

Posted 2011-01-02

When I was 12 years old (2002), my family was on vacation in Pennsylvania and we were at a natural rock water slide. I fell at the top of it and in the end broke my tailbone/injured my sacrum. When we finally got home, I did not go to the hospital, but I asked my neighbor (who is a Doctor) to come over and look at it. He just kinda felt it an said "Yup you broke it." In the weeks after, I could not get dressed on my own, bend over, sit, lay on my back, walk etc without being in a large amount of pain. A year or so later my pain had not stopped so I saw just a normal physical therapist for the pain and it was no help. I then started seeing a tailbone specialist in my area (Dr. Colwell). He took x-rays and told me that I actually did break it. He put me on vicodin for a month (made me very sick so I had to stop taking it) and did some manual work on it from the exterior of my body. Nothing really seemed to help me out all. I gave up and just decided to deal with it.

Then when I was about 16 (2006), I fell again- this time ice skating. I went into the hospital and got x-rays. I was told that I did not re-break it, but had severely bruised the bone. This time it hurt even more to do simple tasks for a few weeks. Ever since then I have been going back to Dr. Colwell and going through multiple rounds of physical therapy. Then he sent me to another tailbone specialist who in turn sent me to a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist (2010). I saw her for about 3 months before my insurance ran out for the year. She did a lot of manipulation to my tailbone (internally and exterior). She could hardly touch my tailbone (internally)--it would hurt so bad. She also would give me a patch to wear over my sacrum/tailbone for a few hours--iontophoresis (google it if your curious). That was the only thing that helped for about 24 hours. She also of course gave me exercises to do to help get the muscles moving again. So far none of this has helped. Currently I am in so much pain, I can hardly go "number 2", I have a hard time doing the dishes, walking to the store, grocery shopping, etc.

I am only 20 years old and so sick of being in pain. I have been through all the non-invasive steps..and now am getting to the point where I want to see if steroid injections will help. Has anyone else had a similar experience? What can I do from here?


Update, 2011-01-30

I went to a Physician's Assistant that worked under Dr. Steven Bartol at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Michigan). He did more x-rays and a rectal exam (gross I know). He determined that I need steroid injections (FINALLY! After 7 years of pain) to 1) Help the pain and 2) Determine whether or not I would be a good candidate for the tailbone removal surgery.

I told him that I am at my wits end and I am up for pretty much anything. I know about all the risks of the surgery (If we get that far) and I am willing to do it.

Update, 2011-02-27

I had the steroid injection about 3 weeks ago...and it went well. He did the injection wayy down at the tip of my tailbone near my bum hole. The doctor that did it, did a good job (that I know of) and I was in and out of the office in about 2-3 hours. I got my hopes so far up, only to be let down. They have not helped. I am still in so much pain. Not only am I still in pain over my coccyx, but my sacrum is killing me. I am so afraid that even if I have surgery, its not going to help a lot of the pain, saying that some of it is up in my sacrum. But I am just about ready to try the surgery. But I want to know if any females that have had the surgery and have had issues with their pelvic floor? And what about pregnancy after the removal? Can you give natural birth? It's a lot for me to think about saying that someday I want kids (not now such as I am only 20). Anyone with suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email me, I tend to respond pretty quickly. :)


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