So glad I had the surgery

Lavonne -

Posted 2011-01-30

I pretty much read all of these in the past 6 months. I sent an email in August 2010 to this site to find out who the Dr was in North Carolina and who went to him. I received a quick reply with a Dr in Charlotte . I was so excited. I have suffered 5 years with horrible tb pain. Some docs believed me and some did not. But too many injections and pills. I was slowly getting worse every day I sat at work.

Finally I emailed Yvonne on this site. She explained how good Dr Hanley was (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, North Carolina). My daughter drove me to Charlotte in October 2010. The xray showed my TB was out of place. Dr. Hanley just said only way to fix it is to remove it. Well I was not surprised because I had flew to NJ in June to Dr Foye (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, New Jersey). He was really great too but does not do surgery only injections. When my injection only lasted 3 hours to help my pain I knew what I had too do.

If I had known I would be so much better I would have had the surgery long ago. Dr Hanley has the surgery specialized now. He removed mine on January 7th 2011. He said my TBone was just dangling there when he got in to remove it. So it was broken all along. I am 6 days from getting my stitches out. My pain from the surgery is less than it was before he took it.

So I say if anyone is reading this. Email me anytime with questions. If you are healthy and can have surgery. Get it done before the pain is so severe that it effects other parts of your body. I have still a lot of neck pain from leaning side to side too stay off my TB. It will go away I am sure when I can sit correctly again. But so glad I had the surgery and now on my way to recovery. Just have to take care at post op and do as you are told. It will work out. God bless and I am so thankful for this site. It saved me from my pain.

Thank You. Lavonne

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