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Posted 2011-10-09

In addition to Victor Wilk & Adrian Goode at Brighton Spinal Clinic (see Doctors and specialists in Australia), already listed a couple of times (couldn't help me but sure tried very hard to sort it out), I'd like to recommend Bruce Mitchell at Metro Spinal Clinic at Hawthorn Road, South Caulfield (see Doctors and specialists in Australia). I have had a series of injections with him that gave me temporary relief.

Update, 2011-11-13

I have both the Pain Eze Plus and the Sports Med Micro TENS units from www.activlifetech.com.au and prefer the Sports Med as it has an extra function whilst still offering the same pain relief as the Pain Eze. I am happy to answer questions if anyone wants to email me.

I came across the Sacro Wedgy on the coccyx.org website (see TinaMarie's story) and ordered one last year. I used it a few times but found the pain to be excruciating whilst lying on it so I stopped using it.

This year I have decided to give it a go again after looking at Sacro Wedgy's website and their Frequently Asked Questions section which indicated that increased pain in the beginning is a common problem. After 7 years of terrible pain I decided I should give it another go. Injections of various kinds and a pain cord stimulator implant have not helped. Only my TENS unit has made a difference but I want to actually fix the problem. I will use the Sacro Wedgy every day for a month and then reassess whether it is of any benefit.

Week One - 22 October 2011

Lying on the Sacro Wedgy is extremely painful. I can barely cope but put up with it each day for at least half an hour, sometimes for much longer. I watch tv to distract myself.

Week Two - 6 November 2011

To my surprise it has become less painful to lie on it. It is almost comfortable. I've looked at all the videos on Sacro Wedgy's website and make sure I incorporate lying in different positions on the Sacro Wedgy. I don't notice any difference if I try sitting on it but have read that many people find pain relief in a sitting position. I am hoping I will experience that as I go along.

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