Sacro Wedgy is working!

TinaMarie -

Posted 2009-02-22

I have suffered nonstop for 30 years from sacral, pelvic bone and coccyx pain. Like many of you, I've spent thousands of dollars on a variety of specialists (orthopedist, chiropractors, osteopath, physical therapy, acupuncture). Similar to many of you I found that certain stretches and relaxation could temporarily relieve some of the pain but overall the problem persisted.

A rock climbing fall where I landed on my right foot forced my sacrum and pelvis on the right side out of alignment (I know this from my own reading and how it FEELS, but no x-rays ever diagnosed this -- the physical therapist said some misalignments simply aren't graphic enough to show up on films). The following year I fell on my sacrum and coccyx, which shoved the lower half of my sacrum forward and to the left, and shoved my coccyx forward and twisted to the left as well. That is how the 30 year odyssey of pain began.

A couple months ago I was researching coccyx treatments on the internet (constantly being in pain forces hope to spring eternal, yes?). I stumbled across a product called the Sacro Wedgy. I called all the "healthy back" stores in Seattle but none of them carried it, so I ordered one online -- just $30. It is an incredibly simple device that you lie on -- it gently supports your sacrum while gravity allows your pelvic bones and coccyx to gently shift to where they want to be. It recommends 20 minutes a day of this, but I started with about 5 hours a day and during the very first session I felt the bones beginning to shift. After 30 years the whole area was so tight and compacted that for the first week or two tightness and tension were the main sensations while lying on the sacro wedgy, making it a bit uncomfortable in a "hurt so good" way.

Within one week the chronic, jabbing needle-like pain in my coccyx had DISAPPEARED!!! I'd also had several promising "pops" within the sacroiliac joints.

I've been using the sacro-wedgy now for 100+ hours over two months (I sometimes lie on it in bed at night for a few hours with a pillow under my knees). I no longer have any severe pain and the teeth-grinding severe tightness between all the bones has eased tremendously. I currently still have some mild discomfort because everything has not yet completely rotated into proper alignment but so much progress has occurred that I believe real healing and alignment is almost guaranteed. The joints of my coccyx were the first bones to make some real rotation back into proper position, and my sacrum and pelvis have made great progress.

I highly recommend that anyone with pelvic, coccyx, or sciatica pain try the Sacro Wedgy!!!

On the same day that I found the Sacro Wedgy site I also discovered this great site, and read through many of your personal experiences. I did not read any others that mentioned the Sacro Wedgy so I hope the my story will be helpful to some of you.


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