A recovery story


Posted 2011-11-13

Hi...I was at this site a few years ago, reading about all the suffering over coccyx injuries and my heart went out to everyone, because I myself was suffering badly from an old sledding accident and the pain had reoccurred 30 years later. If pain is on a scale of 1 to 10, mine was a 50! I was desperate and having had no luck with doctors, therapists, medication, and having a diagnosis that I would be soon in a wheelchair, I was ready to try anything. So, I went to my nutritionist who put me on silicon, (research and check thoroughly before you take anything...) which is a substance your body creates but sometimes we don't have enough of... it helps with joint inflammation. He also had me taking a supplement for joint pain because I am never happy about taking medications for anything, since I too often suffer the side effects. He also advised me to stay off any food with sugar, because it makes inflammation worse. In conjunction with this diet, I needed a doctor to help because in addition to the tailbone injury, I was also suffering a feeling of total body poisoning, which I believe had to do with a new medication side effect, which left me feeling toxic and further inflamed..

The real success came when I was told about Dr. Alan Koa who works in Ann Arbor. I have no idea whether he always does this or if this was unique to me, but he detailed my history the instant I came in his office... just from looking at me. With no exam, and no information from me, he knew everything I was going through, down to a minor rash I never mentioned. I walked into his office feeling like every bone in my feet was broken, and in severe pain from waistline down to tips of my toes. I had double sciatic nerve problems and overall was in lousy condition. By the end of my first session, I was walking normally, but he cautioned me that the pain would return and likely it would be 3 months before this was worked out. He also guaranteed me that when he was done, the pain would never return. He is an Acupuncture Doctor, who works with finger pressure (patients say he has steel fingers).. also a magnetic lamp is used during treatment. He sells heat pads for you to take home and nothing, including his office charge, is as expensive as if you were to find it elsewhere. I know this because I called several acupuncture doctors and all were far more expensive.

He is one of only two Chinese accupressure doctors in the country who does what he does and he is the only one who doesn't limit his patients to Chinese only. He speaks softly and is definitely an unusual character, full of stories of his adventures in life, but make no mistake... he is skilled at what he does. He comes from a family of ten generations who were all doctors... I don't think you can get better than that. He started treating patients when he was seven years old. For anyone with phobias about needles, he is your man... he doesn't use needles, just his hands. He treats a few hundred police officers and many athletes. When you wait in his waiting room, you can always hear patients thanking him for his successful treatment of them. Somewhere on the internet, I remember reading a page someone wrote about him, if you want to look it up. It's a common name, so make sure you get the right Dr. Alan Kuo.

How did my story end up? I went from a horrific life, described all too many times by all those suffering the same issues with coccyx pain, to current day...I take Zumba dance classes three times a week. I have just installed a ballet bar at home, to get further stretching and exercise. I am free of any pain at all, and about as limber as I can expect at my age...no...even better! I am someone who has a high threshold of pain, having endured plenty in life...but the extreme severity of pain over the span of one year, really played hell on my leg muscles so by the end of the year, I felt someone had stolen all the muscles from my legs and I was just empty inside. So when the pain went away, I set about finding the right muscle building exercise and I took it slow, and cautious for awhile, mostly just walking, but now I am back to normal and a dancing fool!

And if you are wondering if I am in anyway getting paid to endorse Dr. K (as he is called), no..I haven't even seen him in over a year and a half. But if I did, I'd give him a big hug for his help in getting my life back! He never was one to want any attention. Reporters ask to interview him but he insists he has no time, he would rather spend his time helping his patients.

However you find your solutions.. good luck to all of you.

I purposely did not include his phone number here as he answers his own phone and I don't want him overwhelmed with calls. If you are seriously considering him, go online, type in Dr. Alan Kuo and don't go into the ones spelled Allen...that's not him. His business name is Chinese Herbs and the business address is: 2512 Carpenter Road, Ste 102A, Ann Arbor 48108.


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