When I go to stand up it brings tears to my eyes

Judy - juwarn76@gmail.com

Posted 2011-12-04

I have had bad tailbone pain since last January. I am a house mother and I don't remember doing anything strenuous to hurt my self, but I know the pain is unbearable. It hurts in my tailbone when I sit and when I got to stand it is so excruciating tears come to my eyes. I hoped it would go away, so after 3 months I went saw my reg obgyn and he did a horrid anal exam and sent me for ct and pelvic ultra sound said nothing was wrong.

I still hurt and worse then 4 more months later he sent me to a colorectal doc. He did another horrid anal exam said I had coxygodina and sent me for physical therapy. It has been about 6 months and I have been using and tush cush and some sessions make me worse. One session made me feel little better she said it was my sacrum bone stuck up wedged and she pulled it out. After few hours of pain relief it hurt again. So then the physical therapist tried to do the same thing again to give me relief again but no luck second time. I got to point it only hurt when I went set back and she finally fixed that, but same thing temp fix and then after I sit on it for while it started hurt again.

I am so frustrated.. will I hurt forever?

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